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    RMVXA Highschool Contracts

    I didn't know romancing Austin was actually an option lol. In my first playthrough, I said "I like you more" but then they got upset so I restarted from my last save. I'd be absolutely willing to chat with you about the game; can you PM me your discord? The hashtag number is in the game but...
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    RMVXA Highschool Contracts

    Great game! I just got the spare ending/true ending because I'm a wimp lol. I did notice one bug on my second playthrough. There's a line of dialogue after you meet Austin in the cafeteria that says "I can go deal with this (Austin) right now or go see my sister in the courtyard." Having...
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    RPG Maker MV Community Character Submissions

    Faceset: Sprite: Default line: You again? Man, this school is full of peasants. Looking forward to next year when I transfer! Personality: Going for the arrogant rich kid vibe here. I'm not actually that bad, but I figured a caricature would be more interesting for game purposes lol...
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    Hat Tweaks

    This is the tiniest thing ever, but I thought I'd post it here.  One of the hats in the generator was really bugging me with a certain hairstyle (see the following) The hat's a little off at the left corner of the head.  Tiny little thing, but I managed to move it over a couple pixels...
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    DBDragoner's Edits 12/05

    The crown isn't working...I extracted it to the generator folder, and the preview shows up in the generator, but it won't show up on my character...?

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