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    SMO - Achievements Menu v1.03

    Thanks! Glad to know it will be fixed. I just needed to fix my own game ASAP as testers were freaking out about achievements not saving! I thought about making it so both test mode and deployed mode works (i.e. recode the whole save function), but decided to stick with "only deployed mode...
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    RMMV Yanfly Event Mini-Labels - Require Facing diagonal issue

    I've just started using this plugin ( but am having trouble with the "facing" part. I am using the labels to appear over a door when a player stands in front of it, so they know where it leads before opening it. This works fine in that the...
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    SMO - Achievements Menu v1.03

    @ShadowDragon Saving or loading doesn't make a difference. Whenever I run the game from a deployed version or from the source folder using Game.exe (i.e. with RPG Maker MV not first running), the achievements don't save to Achievements.json when I unlock one. If I play in "test mode", any...
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    SMO - Achievements Menu v1.03

    For some reason I can't fathom, I can't get achievements to be "remembered", even though I have 'Global' enabled. Here's what I've done: 1) I created a blank text file named Achievements.json in my data folder (0kb). 2) Played my game and unlocked a couple of achievements. Checked and they...
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    Gas Mask for MV generator?

    That one is cool too, and I love your other Generator parts! Thanks!
  6. Banjo

    Side views of RTP teddy and doll

    I've been looking for this too! :(
  7. Banjo

    Picket fence for MV (preferably autotile but anything is useful)

    There was a hread here from 2014 that went unresolved, but I'm looking for a modern-style picket fence, preferably a white one, that would suit a 20th-21st century modern house. The RTP autotile fences are all "fantasy" and/or heavy stone or wooden "logs" rather than a modern "paling" wooden...
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    Kid and Adult Parts

    @Pearl484 That's okay, I appreciate all the awesome stuff you've shared. I've now converted the SF nurse into a generator "TV" clothing sprite that can be recoloured to match the FG parts you and Maig posted now, as well as editing a posted face set for said nurse into a generator FG parts too...
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    Looking for MV RTP-style "kids toys" and/or "geek stuff" tiles/sprites

    I'm sure these exist in a set somewhere, but I'll be darned if I can find them! I'm not that fussy, though my idea would be "Transformers" style toy robot or two, and/or an anime-girl-style statuette... but really, any MV-scale toy robots, building blocks, Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels style cars...
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    RPG Maker MV/MZ Extended Generator - Version 0.68 - Update on the 10th April 2021

    The update is amazing! I love the new look and UI (*so* much more intuitive) and tags are very useful. The best parts are being able to multi-select for export and the colour picker being much easier to understand now. For those struggling with importing Hiddenone's amazing Generator parts (I...
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    Kid and Adult Parts

    I love these parts! Is there a matching TV outfit or sprite that could work with this? The only "nurse" outfit I can find is the default RTP "SF" one in pink.
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    Storytellers MV Facesets [Updated 01/01/17 - SF_People1_7]

    These are fantastic! I know you said that making the components used to make these available as generator parts was not really viable due to how you did them, but would it be possible to get even the raw layers to work with in PS ourselves? If not, would it be possible to at least just get the...
  13. Banjo

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    Am I the only one missing the face ("FG") images for RearHair605? I downloaded the "kitchen sink" bundle and it was the only hair that didn't have portrait graphics. I know some of the headgear never had FG images, but all the other hairs did so I was wondering if 605 is the only one or if...
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    Cheongsam dress generator part or female character wearing one and/or "Chun Li" style hair

    You know, those slinky tight shiny Chinese style dresses? Red would be preferred, but gold or blue would be fine too, or anything really as I can always recolour it if need be. I'm surprised I haven't found one, and suspect there are a few already made that someone hopefully can just point me...
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    Edward's MV Resource V0.22[Colosseum Tile Updated 10/15/2017]

    Links are dead? Can somebody re-up please?

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