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    Exporting to Android (MV Android Client)

    Maybe we need a new tutorial.
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    Gap Between My character and Ground

    Yes, it's working.
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    Gap Between My character and Ground

    It's done! Thanks!:LZYsmile:
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    Gap Between My character and Ground

    I'm working on a 2d game. Question is simple, how can i close the gap that i show in picture. In character's png file, there is no gap. I'm trying to make it step on ground but as you guys can see, he is more like flying.
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    I still have imaginary friends.

    I still have imaginary friends.
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    Weapon Attack Motions

    @Llareian Yes, i did now and thanks! :smile: I wouldn't realise "Action Sequence plugins" without your post. @Frogboy Thanks! @LadyBaskerville Thank you very much!
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    Weapon Attack Motions

    I did what posted on there. But it's still same.
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    Weapon Attack Motions

    In my game, my characters can use 3 weapons. Brush, pencil, broom. When i attack(normal attack) enemies, i can see these weapons' attack motions. But when i try to use skill which they are related to these weapons, i can't see them.It's attacking but there is no brush if im using it. By the way...
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    Conditional Branch - Button Press

    Hello guys. I need help about button press. I want to make a condition when you press a button on keyboard. Let's say it's "X" button. Trigger: event touch, priority: below character. Here's example:   Conditional Branch: The X Button being pressed Show Text: Hello world! @else @branch end...

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