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  1. MBS - FPLE MV

    Hi there, I did something of a hackjob on the version posted on because I wanted to see if I could make it be able to load the textures from an encrypted deployment, and I was successful... to a point. Thing...
  2. Parallel Common Events in Battle

    Oh, Ohhhh. Guidelines, right, In my rush to share it I completely forgot that there must be some guidelines to follow. I'll go check them right now and edit the OP. Thanks for mentioning that.
  3. Parallel Common Events in Battle

    Parallel Common Events in Battle Author: Barreytor Version: 1.0 Introduction: This plugin loads the parallel-activated common events in the battle scene. Plugin:  (Attachment, requires account) MEGA Alternate download link Instructions: Just place it in your plugins...
  4. Orange Custom Events

    Oh, I had that thing, too, but found a way. You just have to call it from a script call inside a move route, and you can use "this.x / this.y" to use the event's position if you do it that way.
  5. Orange Custom Events

    Working flawlessly and awesomely. As it is it feels as complete as it would ever need to be.
  6. Orange Custom Events

    Thanks, now it works as intended. And that idea of choosing a random position within a region sounds pretty interesting, although an option to just fill in an entire region with copies of an event would be handy, too. (For region-common-evented floors of spikes, for example) EDIT: Further...
  7. Orange Custom Events

    It looks pretty useful and exactly what I was looking for, but I've tried it and it keeps throwing an "undefined is not a function" when I try to load an event from a different map. Works flawlessly when copying from the same map, though. Here's hoping that issue can be fixed.
  8. Request: Event Clone / Duplication / Spawning for MV

    *facepalm* No, I did do a search but I must have missed that one... Or more specifically, the dependency linked that actually copies/clones/duplicates the events. Thanks, and sorry for this possibly redundant thread. Link to the actual solution of the...
  9. Request: Event Clone / Duplication / Spawning for MV

    I've been following closely the MV videos, and once I got it in mail, I went right ahead into playing around with MV, but I came to miss a relatively simple-looking utility script from VXAce that is pretty useful for anything that's added more than a few times. In short, I'm wondering if...

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