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    Back after a couple month break

    Hey everyone. After various issues I have decided to come back. I'd like to get into voicing but dont know where to start.
  2. baufian

    Learn with me how to customize your battle HUD

    i don't see the vids
  3. baufian

    usb drawing pad

    I've thought about getting a surface pro before. I have a tablet (eek i know) and the jumps on it were horrible. as for the screen size i may just have to shop around as i have a 40/20 setup, mostly using the 40 inch for detail things.
  4. baufian

    usb drawing pad

    Hello there,  First off I want to apologize if I have this in the wrong area. I was just curious about if anyone uses drawing pads. I work with trackball, mouse and keyboard. I am looking to get one but have no clue where to begin. I have came across a few but they seem kinda small and...
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    RMMV Dying World (Episodic Series) CANCELLED FOR NOW

    not too far in. i was kinda confused about gathering items and using i kinda got that mixed up. as for the music, it was a nice touch to add the songs you have in, but I think it would be better to go with music that doesn't have vocals. after my kids go to sleep i will try to play more tonight...
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    RMMV Dying World (Episodic Series) CANCELLED FOR NOW

    so far it grabs my attention. music needs some help.
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    Free RPG Cuties + DS Battler Art

    very nice
  8. baufian

    Homemade Side View Battler

    this is a nice idea, but people are going to be leery of clicking a link when they cant see the images, even with your site.
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    How do you come up with names for your characters?

    I just look through common names , look through diffrent dialects, (English, Arab, french, Russian,) and see if I can mass anything from what ever I chose. 
  10. baufian

    Looking For Voice Actors

    I'd be willing to try.
  11. baufian

    Looking for Voice Actors for Monumental Project

    What would you like from those of us interested but never done voicing before?
  12. baufian

    Hiring for Mistaken!

    What would you like from those interested in voicing?
  13. baufian

    What is your all-time favorite Pokemon?

    Houndoom for me. My wife has given me crap about it for years.
  14. baufian

    Do you remember the first game you ever played on your computer/PC ?

    Earliest one I can remember playing is doom.

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