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    BCj replied to the thread RMVXA [IGMC 2015] Escalia.
    Hello! So, it's been a long, long while. However, I have some exciting news :) The newest demo of Escalia is going to be released on the...
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    BCj replied to the thread DoubleX RMVXA Confusion Edit.
    Did you ever find a fix for this? Running into the same issue. Edit: sorry, didn't see post above, Going to try that fix.
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    BCj commented on TheoAllen's profile post.
    Google translate says "Please note that user registration, reissue of product keys, and issuance of unlock codes will also be...
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    @Kyuukon 9 dollars?! I'd instabuy it for 9 dollars.
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    BCj replied to the thread RMVXA Linus: The Forgotten Days.
    Aww, shame it was delayed! Was looking forward to playing it in march. But I understand why. It's good to be working again, isnt it...
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    BCj reacted to blueperiod's post in the thread RMVXA Linus: The Forgotten Days with Like Like.
    Hello! Just dropping in to inform you good folks that the release of the upcoming demo will be delayed to May. Reason being that there...
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    I see. I'm asking because I have some eye issues and need a little more time to read things, sometimes the videos go too fast for me. :)
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    I understand it's a film, hence the "play". I was just wondering if you could watch the film in your own pace on the pc, instead of on...
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    Isn't it possible to "play" this yourself?
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    But you have to add linebreaks (|), no? E.g. Here is one of my bosses: <description1: A scientist hell-bent on perfecting her |wicked...
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    BCj reacted to Kenen's post in the thread Game & Map Screenshots 11 with Like Like.
    Hey all. I've been working on a new battle window that can be accessed during any actor's command input. It's used to display the...
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    # ■ BattleLuna: Lunatic Face # =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= # This script allows you to...
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    Yes, it's on false. Sadly the wordwrapper messed with my messageboxes. So I had to get it out. I don't think I can make a separate...
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    Is there actually a way to make the text auto-fit the width/box of the description, without using the wordwrapper? I mean, I can use |...
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    @Roninator2 that's not the one. They have a separate script that allows you to change battler pics/faces based on states, hp <x% etc.

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