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    Quick fix? Can't change all equipment of a character

    Err... well this is embarrassing. I didn't realise that the party has to have said equipment in their inventory. Mods: Close the thread please!
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    Quick fix? Can't change all equipment of a character

    I'm making a quick game with a small group of kids I'm teaching. In the game the player chooses the three PC's classes (Of which there are only three) Warrior, Spellcaster, Defender. Because this is a short game, when the player chooses what character is what class, I'm trying to make it so...
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    Great idea for a Pokémon game.. found Pokémon Essentials is only for XP... Any advice?

    Yeah.... Came up with a great, no AMAZING plot and gameplay ideas for a Pokémon game/ROM Hack. Did a bit of research, and found Pokémon Essentials, but to my dismay it's only available for XP, not Ace. I really want to make this game, but i don't want to dish out for XP when I already paid for...
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    Plot and Character Feedback

    Thanks for the feedback!  All year the kids have been governing and working on their own fake world that they actually named Bevelle themselves. Half of the excitement of the game is the very fact that it's based in "their" Bevelle. (Although I do love your "Imagi Nation" name!) I didn't...
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    Plot and Character Feedback

    Okay so this will take some explaining. I am a primary school teacher. (Elementary teacher to the Americans present.) I have a drama game with my class, where the children have designed, mapped, and governed their own world. As an end of year treat, I have decided to make a game starring the...

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