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    What was the first game you played?

    I remember that my first "game", if I can calling this like that, was an educational game "Moje Pierwsze ABC" (in english: "My First ABC"). In this program children were learning about an alphabet. I had also a similar program with numbers, but I didn't liked counting (maybe that's why I always...
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    I think the most important thing is that girls must love games. I love games so I'm learning how...

    I think the most important thing is that girls must love games. I love games so I'm learning how to be a game developer. And this "biutiful graphyycs" and "omg shes so fameooooouuuus" are bulshits, because I know a lot of girls who also learn how to make games and every girls wanna do it...
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    [Request] A choices window's modification?

    Hello everyone! I need one thing for my game and I couldn't find anywhere a solution (maybe I didn't search enough long, I don't know). (PS. I don't speaking English fluently, so sorry about misunderstanding) PROBLEM: Everytime when choices window is shown on the screen it's always a...
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    Custom Battle Screen?

    Maybe I'll give a little help what he wants: This is screenshot from battle: I give this because I'm also interested about this battle system. More precisely about custom battlers (but maybe this is no place for this question...)
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    Hello C:

    Hello everybody! This is my first time on this forum (and first time, when I'm on english forum) and I should write something about me, right? I'm Anna a.k.a BeastKonoha (when I'm in internet, I always use BeastKonoha than Anna), and as you see, I'm from Poland. Beautiful country with one...

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