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    Script Compatability

    Variable Calendar: Galv's:
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    Script Compatability

    I'm hoping to create a farming system in my game similar to the one in harvest moon games. I know how to do this with events, but the crop growth would only last a matter of seconds with Galv's even time spawner  (which I could also use help with figuring out) I am using Selchar's variable based...
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    ~[Syvkal's Ring Menu VXAce]~

    Is there a way that, for example, I would be able to configure certain keys to certain menus? Like pressing q opens the item menu, pressing w opens the equip menu... etc.
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    Search Team Members

    I'd love to do eventing if you're still in need of someone. I'm still in school too, so I'm just as busy. I have Skype and everything and it sounds like a great game :)
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    ▲Kilo Squadron▼ Forming a Team - Demo Available

    I'm not incredibly terrible at eventing if you still need help.
  6. becster731

    Thanks :) I'll keep ya posted

    Thanks :) I'll keep ya posted
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    I think I'm gonna make a horror game...

    I think I'm gonna make a horror game...
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    (Ace) Need help with a script

    I've also been looking for a cooking script for quite some time, so if you do finish I'd love to use it!
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    V's Relationship/Bio Window v2.4

    I am completely confused on how to use this :( Is there a tutorial anywhere?

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