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  • The power of tutorials. This was fun to make,parallax lightning makes more sense to me now. Now comes the annoying step of doing stuff without a step by step show though !_!


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    I can't believe how many times i remake a game cause I dislike the map settings I chose, thats meant to be the mess around and learn something ya dummy firsts game.
    Lets just do it like this, intro forest scene, village, second party member, fight, forest travel, cave, final destination, boss, final choice.

    There, the most basic that I refuse to change this time. Lets see if I can actually finish this time around.
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I've got good news and bad news. The good news is, there aren't any bad news to report. The bad news is, there aren't any good news to report.

Or as others say, yesterday was uneventful.

I am curious that can you "understand/get the point" about what does this place do generally?
(ARPG game)
If anyone knows any C# programmers, please send them my way.
Chilling at night in a tavern.

After 'multiple breakdowns', it's finally over. 10/10 will do this again.
Ever notice that villains can reform and become better people, but heroes can only ever die... or live long enough to see themselves become villains?

Isn't that interesting?

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