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    Left a cocktail on my table overnight and it resulted in a couple of fruit flies getting drunk. I hope they're 18, I don't want to face...
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    Wait you let them near without even checkin their id? Sorry but there will most likely be some trouble
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    Thank you guys for all the suggestions! I took your feedback and tried to tie them all together with some elements. (The victory screen...
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    Gasp a vampire!
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    Something I made today. :kaothx: Character: Cynthia from Pokemon.
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    Very Beautiful though
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    Thats some rly Good work
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    I can't stop drawing. Must stop and make the actual game... :LZSlol:
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    aww very cute, loving that mushroom
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    I like both front and sideview so I wouldn't mind it at all.
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    Now im curious
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    I can offer you an 0,001
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    The power of tutorials. This was fun to make,parallax lightning makes more sense to me now. Now comes the annoying step of doing stuff...

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