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  • Darkness's and DarkMatter's Dialogue: DarkMatter: "Give up Darkness, everything father has teached you he's teached me"
    Darkness: "No!, Not everything"
    Turn's into The Black corruption
    The Black Corruption: "SSSSEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRKKKKKKK!!!" blasts Black-Chaos beam at DarkMatter
    DarkMatter: forms Dark shield
    The blast gets DarkMatter's Dark shield...
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    So, in my game 'Forgotten Eclipse' I talk about the Dark heads a lot, and @PixeLockeT, @taarna23, and @KazukiT commented and mostly said that they basically said Dark head sound like Blackhead and I'm just saying this...DARK HEADS ARE NOT BLACKHEADS!!! Dark heads are disembodied human-like black creatures not a thing on your head...ok?
    I'm making a boss named 'Elite Dark Head' and I'm not very sure what it would look like tho, anyone got ideas?
    A helmet silhouette.
    When I read the name I imagined a disembodied head with the emo look(black hair, eyeliner and piercings. Sorry it that sounds of too stereotypical.

    this is my meet theme when you see me in games...
    [Part of] Narrator Dialogue: "The Humans' form there army's once more, the Fallen ride their beasts, the Necromancers summon there undead, the light one's journey to battle, and some even say...he was there...but despite everything...they could not stop the dark ones..."
    Bendyizzt's Dialogue: "Ahh Christmas...the time of year where we all act thankful to get free I'm very thankful for my family but...come on...we can all agree that Christmas to us who was 9 was the only time to get stuff you want and act happy for stuff you don't want"
    Drizzt Dialogue: "Hoildays can be many things like Love, victory, or life...but tomorrow is a special was it that human call it?...ah yes, Merry Christmas" Darkness Dialogue: "Holidays can be fun for most species but in my world...oh, there is no fun to have"
    In 'Forgotten Eclipse' the main enemies are the Dark ones and there main name is 'Dark head' but it does not sound like a threat...what do you all think is a better name?
    Darkmatter Dialogue: "Why continue if you have already failed?"
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    Because aslong as you keep going you can change things and make them work - failure only truly comes when you stop
    Philosophus Vagus
    Philosophus Vagus
    @Finnuval Only partially right, really, Failure is the only way to anything really. First times' rarely actually the charm. You cannot succeed without overcoming failures, when you stop entirely you just get stagnation, which is far worse than failure, as failure still allows and even facilitates growth.
    Because why not
    So what if I failed
    I can still eat a pancake
    Drizzt Dialogue: " You have no heart and you have no soul, you have no mind of your very own, you go on quests but you fail them all, you never thought you see your fate, so get ready because your my bait, you'll never know how far you'll go"
    Drizzt Dialogue: "Why kill monsters but then hate them for killing your loved ones? you never thought about there loved ones did you?"
    Jeliver Dialogue: "Say, how about we play a game?" Mark: "We don't ha..." Calla: "Sure, whats the game called?" Jeliver: "The game that we will be playing is thus..." [Throws sword at calla but it missed] "the 'How long can you live?' game...ho ho I wish you the best of luck because no one has ever lived for at least 5, lets begin"
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RPG Maker MZ just crashed, please tell me I didn't just lose 4 hours of progress.
>be me with a separate game for testing
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My current peak of boss design.
energy drinks have made this week SUPER productive so far lol. I finished one of my overworld maps, along with 2 other maps and a way to traverse to said overworld map.
i am absolutely DRAGGING MYSELF RIGHT NOW, i bought a commission ($35) back in october, got the art back, it was great, only to NOW realize i never DOWNLOADED it to my computer, and the site i used auto-deletes uploads after 3 months. Now i'm panicking cuz she closed all her commissions on that site & deleted her IG and Facebook, luckily I found her g-mail but who knows if she'll respond :kaocry: pray for me ya'll

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