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  • "You can't think but you can only hear
    you can't see you can only feel
    when you here a sound you run toward it
    then the thing runs for it"
    what am I?
    My team has just made our first website, we also added 'Update 0.1' to the website, links in my profile info. Go ahead and check it out...[I hope I did not break some rules...]
    Me: Ah, time to get some sleep...
    [Few seconds later]
    Cat: My Human is sleeping, now its time to run from one side of the house to the other as loud as I can
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    That’s my brother’s cat at 5 in the morning when she wants to be fed.
    My cat goes to my son's bedroom door and scratches, and scratches, and scratches. When he opens the door to let him in, the cat walks away. Then he goes into our bathroom and pulls empty toilet rolls out of the rubbish bin.
    Teacher: Spell red...
    Kid: Red? Lster
    Teacher: What color is a carrot?
    Kid: Carrot? I think it uh...I think it um uh...I think it a carrot uh.......Yay, I don't know about carrots I-I don't know about that...
    Teacher: If you dig a 6 foot hole, how deep is that hole?
    Kid: Probably like 20 feet...
    Teacher: 1 - 1 equals?
    Kid: Equals? 35...
    Todays just bad luck for me, my fu*king cat sh*t on my bed, someone got into my house and stole some of my stuff, [I guess they wanted food?], and I need to make a boss theme by monday because I need to make the boss theme before I have work on monday...this is just not my day...
    Just finished up some themes for my OST, man, they take so long...why does it take so long for me to do anything?
    Just finished 'V for Vendetta' its pretty good for a dystopia...
    The only thing that annoys me about it is ever since it came out, people that think they have some righteous cause but are really just <expletive deleted>, think that wearing a Guy Fawkes mask makes them cool.
    Yay, and some people say that hackers were 'Fawkes' masks...I don't believe it because I think someones not going to hack someone if they don't see the hacker, and no, wearing a Fawkes Mask does not make you look cool...
    Started finishing up my bosses and characters...I don't know how long...but its going to take long...
    Did anyone else get a 'sever error' a little while ago on fourms? because I did...
    I think everyone did...this was a what happened...
    Forum update with some hiccups. There are still a few bugs we need to work out, but it shouldn't be anything major at this point.
    @Touchfuzzy It wasn't really least for me, I hope those bugs get fixed...
    I'm stuck, I'm making some of Mr. N's Dialogue but I can't finish his full Dialogue...heres what I got now [this is the part I'm stuck on] "You treat me like a
    bug, I'M SICK OF IT, you had me make these...abominations...well, now..." and at the "Well, now...' part I'm stuck at, anyone got Ideas?
    "...well, now I make an abomination out of you!"
    Please use the forum to get help with your game, not the status feed.
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    now... if you think that i'll continue with this devilry youre sorely mistaken. I wont help you anymore, the antient uplink wont take this and i wont either. I may not be able to end your cruelty this time but i will no longer be a part of it!
    Do comment if you want...
    Bendyittz, please do NOT make more than 2 posts to the status feed per day. This is the fourth time you have been told this in the last month. A lot of your posts are very similar - I suggest you make a thread in the Art/Literature/Music forum to share the
    themes you are making and see if there's a suitable place for a thread for some of the other stuff.
    [this is not really happening]
    Me: I think somebody brock into my house...they in my living room...
    Police: ok, stay where you are, where sending someone over right now
    Me: Hang on!, I'm going to investigate...
    Police: you do not have to do that...
    Me: 'GASP' It ain't no man its a dog...and I hate dogs...
    police: if its a dog it could be rabid do not approach it
    Me: I'm approaching the rabid dog now...
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It’s definitely a great day to fit in some time for me to play no mans sky on PS4

First concept art of one of our main characters love interests who might turn evil depending on her decisions. Or become king of the world. Or marry her. Maybe even everything at once.
Me: *saved the game*
Also me: *exit the game afterward*
The game: "Any unsaved progress will be lost"
Me: "uh,.. alright?"
[I feel a bit sad I did this]
"WhY?...WhY dId YoU KiLl ThEm AlL?...yOu BlOoDy HeLl MoNsTeR...I'LL MAKE YOU PAY!!! FOR THE BLOOD OF THE LOST!!!" ~Scars final words before his final battle [not final boss]

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