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    Translator++ - Game Translation Tool

    tbh, this tool seems much more useful for translating your own games into other languages than anything else. Since a lot of the community is ESOL (seems like Russian is most common on this forum; obvs Japanese has its own communities, etc.) if you want your games to reach a full audience, you...
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    Good random world/story generators?

    @Darkanine Yeah - I'd argue that history is overall more important though, linguistics goes hand-in-hand. One neat way to make a fantasy world is to take our real world and then write a divergent history where, because of whatever fantastic element you've added, some particular set of events...
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    Opposite of perverted?

    @Wavelength I like that; it's a good fix for the conflicted feelings I was trying to explain in my post ;)
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    Giving players access to big skills early: thoughts?

    You can also alter what events give TP, and how much! (This may require plugins)
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    @Paladin-Cleric of Awesome Some people and animal NPCs going about their business ;) ? But mostly, I'm with shadefoundry in the adding more naturalistic details and wear and tear. You might benefit from adding a parallax overlay (requires plugins) with some subtle shadows. (Alternately, you can...
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    Dialogue and Portraits preferences

    As a player, I feel like the first dialogue variant is clearer. I would never have figured out what "Lettuce" was supposed to be a lead-in to.... You don't have to stick to purely one or the other type of response. For example, you could have the first two options, but then "[tell a knock knock...
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    Reputation System Uses

    I think faction rep is usually a more realistic way of handling NPC encounters. If it's a general godliness to sinner scale, I would go as far as to have everything that has dialogue change depending on the player's current rating, but that might be a bit much if you didn't plan for that from...
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    RMMV Heavy Roleplay Game idea

    Void Pyramid is an implementation of #1 - each of the three classes gets different in-story info. I've only gotten through a warrior playthrough, but there's a bunch of story stuff that you can only get as a scribe.
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    Giving players access to big skills early: thoughts?

    My bias is towards giving the player more options, so I would instead find small ways to use TP earlier. Attacks that are the normal attack but give you a few turns of a small buff or heal you a bit, attacks that have a small chance of adding a deleterious status effect or debuff to an enemy...
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    How do you do hard mode difficulty setting?

    I'm with Milennin on hard mode in basic RPGs being... perhaps a little pointless. Now, easy/'story' mode is something I wish more games included - either by nerfing encounter rates but boosting EXP gain or by just nerfing enemy stats a lot, for players who are way more interested in other...
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    Building city/cities guide?

    Oh, this is a common problem..... In RPGs, the city you show the player and the city that exists might not be the same thing. I'm going to start by describing cities that exist. In general, sketch out a map of streets and rivers/streams before you go to image editing. There are two "kinds" of...
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    The Resource WIP Thread 3

    @Rukiri oh! DBZ! In that case, the fem sprite works well with the general style of the series. Hmm, I think the yellower version of his clothes is better, but I'd tweak that pallete so the highlight is a little more orange - it's reading as goldenrod instead of brightly lit orange to me.
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    RMMV First Game, Should I keep developing or start fresh?

    Hey, congrats on getting housing! That's a huge step! I'll give your demo a play and come back to give my opinion in a bit. Are things going ok for you now? Game dev is a great creative outlet, but never be ashamed to take a break or a step back from it if you're tired out. It sounds like...
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    RMMV Looking for Suspense/Horror tips

    Writing this before reading what other people have said to avoid getting influenced, haha - What do you find scary? "Jump scares," where a sudden change in visuals/audio is used to try to trigger an autonomic fear response, aren't actually that scary. Generally, horror that relies on...
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    Your Approach for Cutscenes

    The popup also... doesn't have to be a balloon! At least in MV, you can modify the balloon system file to make it fit your game better. I feel like the best of the cutscenes I've seen in RPGMaker games switch to giving a character's eye view through showing drawings of the scene that update as...

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