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  • Which one should I use?

    1)RPG Maker MV

    2)RPG Maker VX Ace

    I like a lot VX Ace but MV looks much better.
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    Wyn Wizard
    Wyn Wizard
    I'm an Ace user mainly because I am a scripter and to me Javascript seems way more of an annoyance than did Ruby, so its mainly out of preference. In all reality though, you can do just as well in either program. It all depends on what you are looking for.
    More MV advantages:

    1. Supports higher resolution;
    2. Can be hosted on websites;
    3. Javascript is very used and so it's easy to find resource and learn if needed;
    4. Most renowned scripters are working with MV/Javascript;
    5. Control plugins and parameters right from the editor;
    6. Out of the box mouse control;
    7. There are plugins that help you use old versions resources (like change the regular tile size);

    And some more that I probably forgot
    MV.  It's the most recent version with the most support.
    Trying to restart a game that I started to develop in August. Just I need to discover the way to redesign the plot. The mechanics are good, I think. 
    YAY! I've earned 5$ , just 25-30 more to get RPG Maker MV. And my broken headsets from yesterday will be remplaced thanks to Amazon-senpai. The yesterday's bad day it's completely forgotten now. 
    >Headsets got broken.

    >PC freezes playing Rocket League twice so I restarted twice and now nothing appears on Screen when I turn it on.

    Well, it's a day to forget. Frick this **** of day, goodbye world
    I'm really tired of living. Give me a bed :c. I hate getting up early.
    A friend showed me a german rock group. I don't understand what the singer says but it's cool and I like it .
    Do you recommend any good forest tilesets for VX Ace? I tried using the forum's searcher but it's really uneasy to me T_T
    Pandamaru has a forest tile set. Look for that.
    @taarna23 XP resources are really good but I don't own RPG Maker XP so I can't use its resources (I think)

    @bgillisp Yep, they are really good, if I finnally use it in my little non-commercial project  I will credit, it's a really really good tileset.

    If any other person who read this status want to help me, I would be very pleased! 
    People will help you if you post in the correct place.  The status feed isn't where you should ask for resources - the Resource Requests forum is the place for that.
    Why the library's heating is incredibly hot? I know it's winter, but the weather it's not so cold turn it really warm. 
    Hey makers. How's your day going? I hope you had a great day or have, depending of your time zone.
    I'm having a great day! I just bought a 1tera hard drive, I'll no longer have to juggle files because my computer's space is always full. What about you?
    Very good! I spent my afternoon programming and now I'm making some maps :)  
    Really cool man, you're pretty productive. :)
    I've spent near two days to make a damn exercise of programming and now I think I hate cars. 
    >Make a forest map

    *Some minutes later*

    Me: OMG It's not bad at all, I improved my mapping skills.

    >Search for some forest RPG Maker maps to get ideas to add decorative elements to my map.

    >Get depressed after comparing that maps with mine.

    >Delete my map to make another.

    #SadStory #EnvyingProMappers in our profiles we will be able to have a header img? It would be great to have customizable profiles. 
    I love the new style of this forum! Maybe too white for me, but it's good.  :)
    Trying to write a good story to make a game, but it's hard think about it. Whay should I do to get some inspiration? :'(
    I know I don't have to be the writer, just a little amount of people are capable of making all their games alone. It's just a little game to warm up before making a big project, don't worry Sharm, I know it's not good to take all the job alone and with more reasons if you can't do it ^^ . Hallowthug, I will check your workshop later!
    A warm up game? I totally approve. You could just go for a ultra generic plot then, or retell a story that's public domain like fairytales. It'll be fun and you can focus on finishing instead of working too hard on something that isn't an important part of making this game. (In other words, you're not doing this to be a good writer, good writing shouldn't be a major goal.)
    Just write something. One of my first ever stories I wrote actually ended up a mash of 2 different plots that made 0 sense in the end. But from that, I slowly improved.
    Mapping, mapping and more mapping.
    And while you did 4 maps, I did one in the same amount of time, and half the quality. :p

    I wish I could map. :o
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