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  • Just browsed a few old Threads i made and iam totally ashamed of my past conduct.
    My stupidity, not understanding help of others, not giving likes or words for good answers,
    not fully understanding the answers nor the capability of engaging in helpful conversation about it.
    Understanding things wrong and being emotional very Quickly. And finally the grammar!
    I guess i have to life with that, a reminder to improve.
    I created a Folder for Backup, but forgot to put a Backup inside of it. All the nicely sorted Scripteqivalent calls gone XD. Regular extern Backups, dont be lazy with them.
    I use Paragon BackUp&Recovery for this reason. I just have it take copy my project folder once a week. Then my 'BackUp' folder will have a new folder created every week. So I can go back a week at a time if I screw up.
    *Edit - The free version, nothing fancy.
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    Hello! I just wanted to tell you: Thank you for your help! I hope I didn't come across as rude, it was not my intention!
    I'm sorry I'm still new to all this, (I'm even fairly new at using forums, even though I'm an old woman haha) but I wanted to show my appreciation :> Thank you again!
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    Thank you :kaothx:
    Same counts for me.
    All is good, I was a bit to lazy, than add some bad English gramma ontop, and we have a funny confusion. :kaoblush:
    Isn't the RMMV Copy Eventcode as Text Function awesome? I enjoy it.
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    Yeah, that is pretty neat! I wish there was a function that copied it as javascript code too though :o ... would be real handy for learning to code, I think.

    Wow, that was some great coding you did with the zelda type game with slash and fire. I downloaded your .json file and checked out the code myself. It was neat to see how flexible RPG maker MV can be. 

    Do you know of an easy way for an event to detect if a person is standing on it?

    Like for example, I just made some spike traps. If the player steps on with the spikes are down he is not injured. If he stays when the spikes come up he is still not injured. What is the best way to fix that?

    Awesome stuff! If you are in the mood to play test a game please feel free to play test my early demo at
    Thank you that motivates me. I will sent you a PM to answer the other Question.
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Each area of my game acts sort of like a level of sorts. These 3 are the bosses of the first area. Called Team Outcast, there's Riley, Mary Mars McQueen (Triple M), and Enig. A trio of wanna be super heroes.

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This could be useful...
I made a menu option that pulls a (accurate) version of the world map from my game instead of having a "traditional" world map. How did I do?


..Every time after I edit it and repost it I find a new tiny error I made. :kaodes:
Town Design is the best part of an RPG. Well, that and dungeon design

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