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    bgillisp replied to the thread About state resistances....
    That would do it, as you have to give it the % chance you want poison to apply normally. Though do note there is a luck modifier built...
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    bgillisp replied to the thread Dialogue Options: A Poll.
    I think it also depends on the game you are making. For instance I'm working on a game now where I'm putting dialogue options which will...
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    bgillisp reacted to Shaz's comment on Shaz's profile post with Haha Haha.
    May as well - it's ruined now :P
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    I just got home, should I post something to break the streak too? :)
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    bgillisp replied to the thread God why.
    I merged your posts as we would prefer that as one post. The way quote works though it is easy to accidentally do them as individual...
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    @HexMozart88 : Age is hard to tell honestly in RL. I know one lady who still looks like she is under 18. She's in her 30s. And she is...
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    This one is pretty early in development, and the 5th party member is not yet listed or even in the game yet. Here is what is known...
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    bgillisp replied to the thread God why.
    Yeah randomize can get you some interesting creations. When I was starting out in RPGMaker this site did a little contest where you hit...
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    bgillisp replied to the thread God why.
    You've been playing with the random button in the generator I see. Welcome to the dark side.
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    Joining the ranks of the teachers?
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    It varies by laws in your area. In my area as long as the title has no trademarked words in it, the answer is then it is ok to give it...
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    Join me in Iowa. You'll hate it by the end of the year.
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    bgillisp replied to the thread List your red flags.
    Also it is highly inappropriate to DM others to continue a thread after it is locked. End of discussion means end of discussion. Respect...
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    Hope you've been enjoying it! Sadly I got class now at that time.
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    bgillisp replied to the thread Conversation Cutscenes.
    This may also help you to better see what we are talking about:

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