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    And I actually recognize the song that is based off of too...
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    Would like to point out some more things: (That may or may not have been mentioned) Go through the database and set things up first...
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    That's good advice too. I might later post one on what to do once you start your RPG which would go over things like that.
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    That could work yes! Thanks for posting the idea.
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    *fires fireball at the meat* It's done!
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    Also works yes, but this way takes less events, which can be critical if you have a big map.
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    Nope, I didn't. But thought it was time to remind people as we got many new MZ users.
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    Reminder: Back up your projects. Now.
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    bgillisp replied to the thread Balance Numbers.
    I mentioned this to you offsite, but will add it here too, as it may help others. What I found worked well for me was to make the base...
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    This post brought to you by the letter Y.
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    bgillisp replied to the thread Balance Numbers.
    I'd be more interested to see your damage formula, as if someone with 80 HP is getting hit for 250 HP then why aren't they doing 250 HP...
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    You raise some good points, but I'd argue that 07u0wrn3cd0i9hgjgla45lpa0ufkpg1jezrt5u5lwybipk541a203op0wfl5f3p7evc8172otmn4oiuk2ht9 will...
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    bgillisp replied to the thread Issue or Bug?.
    What layer is the bed on? If you have it above the actor it is showing up but you just can't see it.

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--- Food Ingredients ---

Hero: Since the Chef are in Hospital,we can't eat his Dish in 3 Days.
F.Mage: What we have to Eat?
M.Healer: Don't worry,we can Eat the Food Ingredients.
Hero & F.Mage
: Really?

(3 Days Later)

Chef: Hi,Guys. I'm Ba---
(Entire Party Collapse After Eat Raw Meat)
Chef: Wha...WHAT GOING ON HERE!!!!!!
So, I've been thinking about all the complaints about the chibi sprites. Is the problem that they're chibi or that they don't match the character art? If I did a series of chibi/SD character art, would people be interested?
Converting a timer plugin from MV to MZ. Now I really start to fell how awesome the new plugin commands are. This really helps create plugin easier than before!

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