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    I am very confused by some of the points being made here; are we seriously saying that Brazilian developers pay different taxes based on...
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    One thing you all forgot, and I can say this as I live in the USA. You *have* to pay taxes on that income at end of year. USA taxes any...
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    I often start another project when the old one is done and in testing phases. That also gives me something to do as I await results.
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    Let me put it this way about that trailer. I was in the group that was probably going to get this day 1 to play with. After seeing that...

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Testing Parry/Counter system straight from Action Sequence instead of utilizing the default counter.
Quite happy with the result so far.
This just blew my mind.
RMMZ can choose Tilesize.
No complicated Plugin needed, it is a simple inbuild Option.
This means you could literally use all your rm2k3 or vx-ace Tilesets and Characktersets in RMMZ.
This also makes me curious about experimenting with smaler Tiles and higher Screen Resolutions for non RPG Games.
Did you know about this?
Just gonna leave this here lol. 7th cycle endless mode :D 700% enemy dmg or something.
I think I'm going to play the Saitama Theme BGM next time I delve into the JS library of RPG Maker MV... :kaoswt2:

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