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    Why my characters attacks more than once?

    It might be the ATB you are using too, as it uses ticks to decide how often your turns come up so what may be happening is you get 2 in a row due to how the system is computing speed. The other possibility could be the Action times + is set somewhere in a state that you have, as if that is...
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    Why my characters attacks more than once?

    You can give people more than one attack on their weapons, if you give them +1 attack they will attack 2x instead of 1x. You can also add it in a state too.
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    How do you market out your game?

    Yeah I think General is best honestly as not every game you market is for sale. I'll leave it here. As for marketing...wait, we need to market? o_O
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    How to make quest more visual

    This is as close as it gets, and you'll have to use an image editor and get cute with eventing:
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    No it goes Mage: Fireball!

    No it goes Mage: Fireball!
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    Optimal Project Resolution?

    There is one perk to 640 x 480 I forgot to mention too. Windows has compatibility mode where you can force the entire game to run at 640 x 480. That's another reason I picked it as someone could just do that and then there is no issue as the entire monitor is set to 640 x 480 while it runs your...
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    Optimal Project Resolution?

    Sadly I know of none. I just found 640 x 480 the best compromise overall, and I've had more black bars on Netflix movies than I got with my game at 640 x 480 so I went with it. You *might* have some luck at 32 * 16 and 32 * 9 but since 1080 / 32 is not an integer even that will be limited in...
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    Optimal Project Resolution?

    You're going to get something either way as sadly 1920 / 32 = 60 and 1080 / 32 = 33.75, so you will probably never get it to divide both nicely, especially with 32 not a divisor of 1080, but 32 is our tile size. I honestly had more issues with fullscreen++ than without it, so I got rid of it...
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    Optimal Project Resolution?

    I've found that 640 x 480 actually upscales pretty well to today's monitors, as 1920 / 640 = 3 and 1080 / 640 = 2.25. Its better than most ratios you'll get for most other resolutions, and what happens on mine is it upscales to 1080 in length and gets some bars on the sides only.
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    Welcome to the 5 years to make a game club! Shall we swap war stories now?

    Welcome to the 5 years to make a game club! Shall we swap war stories now?
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    Killer Gin (Available for PC, Mac, and Linux)

    Usually we have you report the initial post and ask it to be moved, but since I'm here I'll move it to Commercial Games for you (since it is commercial). And congrats! Now off to make Harold Makes His Bed next right? :)
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    King's Shield Bug and other mv rpgs

    You may want to post on the forums for the Switch version of RPGMaker, this is the one for the PC version. Seems they used different publishers which is why the difference. Still maybe someone here has one to recommend that has played on the switch too?
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    I think it should work, I did that with my last game and managed to finish as a result. I just...

    I think it should work, I did that with my last game and managed to finish as a result. I just found music that I could tolerate and sprites that didn't make my eyes bleed to look at for 6 - 12 months while I did dev first.
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    Can I get a team?

    You probably should ask the one who posted that, as sadly we'd not know.

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