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  1. RPG Maker Tileset Builder - New and Improved!

    I feel like i may be an idiot but for me the application doesnt open at all. I try running it and it does nothing, no processes in Task Manager and just doesnt work. Anyone know why that may be?
  2. Event Original Character Contest - MV Entries

    Character Name: Drust About my Character: Drust is a 16 year old student attending the Magical Academy of Akasha. Drust is known by his friends as a kind hearted Soul, however to his enemies his Codename is Metallion, thanks to his unique Magic, Metal Alchemy, allowing him to manipulate any...

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What if I start to make final boss first then crawl down from there to make lesser bosses
i don't even know why i bother. Trying to to a simple candle light to flicker. Hour later no progress.
My greatest challenge right now is less of the workload but more of the language barrier which I definitely need a local proofreader (without translation) for. I'm wondering if this is even a legit position for freelancing.
So, the other day i come across to became closer to other developers and realiza im not even a novice. i am lower than thrash rigth now, worse than people that don´t know anything about this things cause i used to think i knew. good news is; today thrash, tommorrow, maybe not so much, and someday, i´ll be a god?
Ahh, end of the day stinky feet, fresh out of the boots. Smells like a job well done. Seriously, I have to rinse my feet when I get home, or it's not fair to my wife.

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