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    December 2019 Goals and Progress Thread

    I guess for December I should finish up my November goals lol. Been distracted with PLAYING games rather than making one :P.
  2. bigcalsworld

    November 2019 Goals and Progress Thread!

    Oh boy, so much for "shouldn't take me the full month" lol. Though I guess technically that stuff would have been finished already IF it was all I needed to do. I ended up making so many more small changes and improvements throughout the game so far that it took me a couple of weeks to finally...
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    November 2019 Goals and Progress Thread!

    Back again after another few months of... nothing lol. No idea how long I'll last this time, but while I'm in the MOOD for game making, amma try and do as much as possible. When I left off, I technically had a demo ready. I shared it with a few people, but didn't really get any feedback. Probs...
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    HP and MP on a Level up

    I have my game restore your health and mp on level up. I really hate when games don't do it lol. But at the same time its not exactly a deal breaker lol. Pokemon games don't restore you on a level up but I still play the hell out of them :P.
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    Theo - Pathfinding and Event Chase Player

    Hi. Great script! Tried a couple of similar ones and they didn't work, so seeing this one actually do what I wanted was awesome :D. Buuuut... did you ever look into the events moving when off screen? Right now I'm using it for NPC's in villages going home at a certain time, but of course they...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Extended the area at the bottom, changed the bridges and make a few minor adjustments here and there :)
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    My work in progress of my next village. Having some issues filling some of those obvious empty spaces though. And I'm considering extending the bottom part and adding a few more houses too.
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    March Goals and Progress Thread

    Oh? And uhh... how exactly did you get it working? Asking for a friend... ;)
  9. bigcalsworld

    March Goals and Progress Thread

    Goal for the rest of the month is to use the day & night cycle script more. ATM its just there to change the tint throughout the day, and make a boss show up between certain times at night lol. I finally got a common event working last night to make it identify if it was day or night and turn...
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    Script 'Cache' line 106: RGSSError occurred. Failed to create bitmap. (FIXED)

    The other file extension was .gch, as I created the character in Game Character Hub, and I saved a master version of it similar to how I would with a PSD file in photoshop.
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    March Goals and Progress Thread

    Woo seems I have fixed my error issues. Got a friend playing through the entire demo atm to make sure there are no more issues :D. Then I can finally get started on some new locations and whatnot for the game!
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    Script 'Cache' line 106: RGSSError occurred. Failed to create bitmap. (FIXED)

    I think I fixed it all now. Aside from it not compressing all of the image files for some reason, the issue seems to be from having 2 files with the name "drexon", and apparently RPG Maker gets confused despite different file extensions lol...
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    March Goals and Progress Thread

    After a few more months of doing nothing, I finally loaded up RPG Maker VX Ace again last week and got to work. My goal was to finish up everything I'd started on so far, and release it as a demo. Well last night I finally got it to a point where I was happy with a demo release... so I...
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    Script 'Cache' line 106: RGSSError occurred. Failed to create bitmap. (FIXED)

    Yey, its this wonderful error! Now, I had looked for previous threads on it before for potential solutions, but all of them seemed to be relating to the game making this error while playtesting within RPG Maker. I'm only getting this error when I try to create a demo of the game for others to...
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    October Goals and Progress Thread

    Avoided opening RPG Maker for over a month, but getting back into it again now :P. Last time I had it open I'd finally set up all the cutscenes for the start of the game, made the different classes, gave them all a unique weapon and skill, set up the first couple of quests, set the dialogue to...

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