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  1. Chinese animation , sprite and tileset

    NEW: Three Kingdom Zhao Yun eight directional movement and action sprites.
  2. Free Commercial Standard Sprites

    Added two new sprites: PUBG Camouflage and Captain America eight directional movement / action sprite.
  3. Free Commercial Standard Sprites

    I do plan to update free new sprites as and when they are available. Do check back often. Cheers!
  4. Bighoncho's SV Animated Battlers (enemies and actors)

    Sorry guys and girls and @MMMm I am such a bummer ... it is my first time using itch. I have just set the page to "publish" so it should work now and the files should be available for download. The files are free to download, so you should be able to download right away.
  5. Bighoncho's SV Animated Battlers (enemies and actors)

    Terms of Use: Free for commercial or non-commercial game. No credit is require. You are allow to edit battlers for your own game. Not allowed to redistribution for resale. Game making is an arduous journey. I wished all happy game making and Good Luck! I have made 3 packs of sv animated...
  6. custom battler not breathing ..

    @Andar , yes you got it right. After I make slight changes to between the three frames, its working now. Thanks so much!
  7. custom battler not breathing ..

    Hi, I made a custom actor battler the 9x6 etc everything is showing nicely but the battler is not breathing .. why is that?
  8. Chinese animation , sprite and tileset

    @Kes and all others whom have been asking about the flame blade etc I have actually made dozens of new complex animations intending to post them here. The more complex animation looks perfect when I use apng to animate the images when all the picture sequences are of the "same exact size"...
  9. my javascript to deduct gold not working..

    I have fixed it. pls ignore
  10. my javascript to deduct gold not working..

    Hi, The code is to check if actor have the 100 gold required, display message if not enough gold and if enough gold, play a SE and deduct the gold. If the actor have the gold, it will deduct it. But it will not check for not enough gold and not display message and instead carry on to allow...
  11. Terrax Lighting system

    I am beginner.. But I think turning on all lights at once is possible with "Switch". You can make two switch, when condition is met the switch can turn on or off all the lights. I don't think there is a limit with lights in the game, but it will cause massive LAG if there are too many lights...
  12. Terrax Lighting system

    @bazrat @Aesica Thanks for replying. I think I found the problem.. I have to set plugin time and daynight for moghunter time system and terrax shows.
  13. Terrax Lighting system

    Does Terrax lighting works for MV 1.6.2? I installed terrax 1.5.1 on MV 1.6.2 , there was no error but light isn't showing at all..
  14. Khas Advanced Lighting v4.2 Ultra (now with real-time shadows!)

    When I place a light on the map, it is not showing. But it only show after I set any number of ambient light. is that normal? Also, when I tried to set a region light, it is displaying only Square shape picture of the same size as the region block. How do I solve this? I am using MV version 1.6.2
  15. Enemy move to attack player in battle?

    Hi, is it possible to make enemy moves to attack player during battle? I know this can be done for player using action sequences but what about npc? This is what I am talking about if you are not sure.. just the first 5 seconds of the video is what I am talking about. The video is taken from...

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