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    Movie for BattleBack

    Any suggestions where I can start to look at? (For example, what classes control the battle background?)
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    Movie for BattleBack

    Hi, I am currently using Hime_ChangeBattleback to change battle backgrounds mid-battle, but I was wondering if it was possible somehow to change the battle background to a movie.  For example: Skill X -> Starts a common event that turns background into movie, then attack animation plays at...
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    Awesome game/story.  I really liked the twist at the end.  Gave me the chills. What did you use to create the videos?
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    Event doesnt' wait for video to end Fix

    Awesome, thanks for the fix!
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    POP! Freebies

    I love the addons to the Pop pack! Thanks for doing awesome work Vexed!
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    Orange Event Hitboxes - Make larger events

    Awesome plugin.  Is it possible to set the hitbox based on direction? I have a few objects (like cars/person holding large object) that change their width/height depending on the direction they are facing.
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    Preload Manager

    Galenmereth, Awesome plugin!  I have a strange glitch when using your plugin (2.0 RC6).  Disabling the plugin makes the issue go away.  I assume you are caching the hue-shifted enemy and it seems to be constantly hue-shifting the enemy which makes it different colors every battle with that...
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    Galv's Animated Menu Cursor

    Thanks Galv, that seemed to fix it.  One question though, the arrow pointing at the actor's name during a battle isn't animated.  Is that due to the window being inactive or something?
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    (FREE) Darren's Commercially Free Music (Now Over 70 Pieces!)

    I just wanted to say that your music is beautiful and amazing!
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    Galv's Animated Menu Cursor

    Galv, I love the plugin, but there seems to be a glitch with the sideview battle system and Yanfly's Battle Engine Core.  See below:
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    Thanks for the welcomes everyone!  I look forward to making some awesome games and sharing them with the community!
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    Hello everyone.  I recently started posting to this forum (although I've had an account for quite a while).  It seems that all my posts are being held in a moderator queue.  Do you know how to get them un-moderated? I am attempting to submit bug reports for all of the new RMMV plugins out there...
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    Advanced Menus (huge mouse navigation improvements!) [BETA]

    Awesome script.  I modified the script a bit for my liking, and I am posting the changed version below.  I modified the following:  - Back and Cancel buttons can now have user configurable text via plugin options.  - Moved the back item to the end of each menu instead of the beginning.  It...
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    Issue with Yanfly's BattleStatusWindow and TouchUI.js

    Hi, There seems to be an issue related to using both Yanfly's Battle Status Window (YEP_BattleStatusWindow.js) v1.04 and the TouchUI.js that came included in the steam version of RMMV while running on Android via the crosswalk accelerated webview.  If those two plugins are enabled together...

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