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  • Reflecting on work done so far, feeling very proud of what I have done, in terms of mapping and mechanics.

    Still feel a little uneasy on the way my story is so far implemented, looking to restructure the whole thing so it's a little less cliche and linear, less the story and more the intro....
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    You should feel proud! I'm happy your game is coming along smoothly!

    If your feeling uneasy about your story, I'd be happy to proofread things for your, fill any plot holes, and give you honest, unbiased fredback! ?
    Thanks that's realy kind!, I may have to take you up on that soon :)  
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and an original idea of people having alter egos is back... finally.
Another camping area.
I just found out somebody pirated my 3,99$ game. I spent over a year making it and somebody just publish it for free a week after early access released.

I should be glad, cuz if they pirate you, that means your game has to be good, but im not. I barely sold any copy. Didn't get any info from most of the sites I wrote.
So I'm hoping that I get an MRI on my knee soon, but until then, I'm on a prescription dosage of ibuprofen. It's definitely helping, but my knee is still hurting and occasionally locks up. The urgent care doctor was convinced it's a meniscus tear due to it locking, and said that if it is, I'll need surgery. :(

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