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  • I have been enjoying a game on my iPhone, called Wonderbox. It is just a little game where you create adventures, share them, whilst also being able to play others. It's a bit zelda-esque. I have started some youtube for those, gonna start with RPG maker things soon as well. So if you wish to see, do check it out :)
    In contrast to making a game in RPG maker, in Wonderbox I can just chill, it's super simplistic so it's just for passtime. Can't really be compared, but if you enjoy creating, but are getting slightly fed up on sitting for hours just to fix a bug - and paying for Apple arcade - do check out Wonderbox.

    **I am not sponsored or anything xD
    "only on Apple Arcade" :(
    I'm sitting here, programming, when suddenly, in the distance, I hear a deep booming shout, "Dovahkiin". In an instant, my mind and body is pulling me away, my fingers twitch and notepad++, almost by itself, turns off. The Steam starts to rise and a big green play button appers and I am teleported to Skyrim, because, I am, the Dragonborn! 200 hours played last three weeks, omg o_O
    Four months ago, my oven broke. So I get a new one for 430€ from the landlord. I request the invoice three days after installation so I can send it to my insurance company. The invoice is sent, three months later, one month ago, never received it. It's then instantly sent to the invoice collectors. Never missed a rent payment for two years...
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    And it's not like I can just get 430€ in a second. It's christmas. And all my savings are in stocks. So now I had to sell stocks and immedietly use them which adds an extra fee ON TOP of the original tax you need to pay. Along with the extra 25€ that the invoice collectors want...
    Juanita Star
    Juanita Star
    its landlords like these I just want to...scream at.
    Nightmare... Dreamt I posted a GFX resource post. With a work in progress glove icon that tinted to different colors. In the wrong forum. And I was in such a panic. I saw people writing posts in response, those "..." you see in discord and such. So I frantically tried to report my post as wrong forum, editing to say it's the wrong forum and that I "accidentally" posted it too early... Very odd dream to be honest...
    Can't say I've ever had such a dream. Why would you even be worried about such a simple thing as posting in the wrong forum?
    @Nereid I'm not >.< I'm posting constantly, have no idea why I got so frantic and panicked in my dream o_O
    So here we go again with my programming. Currently I don't know what to program, so I am just doing things to see what I can make. Currently just photoshop though :/ Join in if you wish to see the stream. Very exclusive, mostly just 1-2 people watching.
    It is a curse and a blessing getting better at javascript after each plugin... Now I am considering changing two previous plugins completely, and they're not small plugins either -.-' Not to mention that I'll add more features... This is why I never manage to release a game, I just keep updating everything I've already done :p
    I don't really have any neat updates today about how I screwed up programming... But if you want to observe the intensenes of me programming, then you can check out my stream :)
    I think it's the third time I am changing my skill info plugin, but as I get better at programming, I want to fix the trash I made earlier :p

    Streaming while I am programming the plugin. Join in if you wish :)
    So... I've been editing away, with my own little functions and variables. Only yesterday realizing that your variables don't save automatically :p So... Gotta fix that.

    Also, I am streaming at the moment :)
    Currently live streaming when I am editing my game in the engine and some javascript. First time doing it, anyone is welcome! :D
    After the feedback I got on my last post, I decided to try and combine the tower picture with the "movie poster"-picture. The conceptual result can be seen below, any suggestions? :)
    I'm after opinions, as a title I have a few options to choose from. What you think? :D
    Titlescreen Forest.pngTitlescreen Group.pngTitlescreen Lake Effenvaal.pngTitlescreen Garvol Port.png


    • World Map 6.png
      World Map 6.png
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    It displays forest, sky, map, tow- oh. Yup. Fourth. Look who can't count :yswt:
    I think on your model ^ there's too much light blue and yet the text is in orange/red? The text is extremely stark and doesn't fit the background colour scheme. I'd try a dark blue to black colour; maybe even dark purple
    @KazukiT Thanks! Yes, if it was an actual location in this game that'd be great. I suppose I can just change the tower to a monastery, same concept :)
    @Cythera haha, such a simple mistake! Don't worry, I removed it from the list as I couldn't add the spoiler tags otherwise :D

    Totally agree! I will be fixing the color, if you look at the original, it has the character and hill in the bottom right. Breaks the blue :)

    The font is something that will change. I made that title font about 3-4 years ago, and I don't like it anymore :p
    So, my primary playtester is now 18 hours into my game and he just hit the third act... There's four acts! I honestly didn't think it would be that long :D Also, very happy that hardly any game-breaking bugs have occurred and that he is getting very into it :p
    I don't really like the word "Recovery", it sounds too sciency when someone is about to heal you with the holy power of god. Any ideas for a better name for the attribute? :D
    @ATT_Turan It is the stat for received healing. So if the target gets a healing spell that heals 100 and the target has 30 in recovery the healing will be 100 * 1.3 = 130. :p I think spirit might work to be honest, the others are nice but point toward it actually being holy, whereas nature spells also have potential to heal :p
    Ah, well, your original post did specifically say the holy power of god :wink:
    @ATT_Turan haha, yeah, I understand the confusion xD I doubt I thought about it at first xD
    Made my own plugin for comparing equipment. Features:
    Compares all stats.
    Same in shop/equip.
    Can pick compared item.
    Easily swaps actor.
    Long descriptions.
    Currently working on making it accessible for the RTP version. And also allowing it to be customized within the plugin manager. Will take some time as I am also trying to get my game to release within a week. But hopefully, soon, it will be available as my very first plugin! :)
    I am also working on compatibilty, currently for Yanfly item core and DreamX suffix and prefix. Any more compatibilties I should consider?
    After 10 loong years, of on and off developing. I've finally reached a deployable version of my game... For the last two years I was working on another game, but I decided to finish my first gem three weeks ago. Went into overdrive to just push out all the little kinks I could find.
    Do you guys know the feeling? To have worked on a plugin for two weeks. Having it work, and then saying to yourself "I can make it neater". So you just rework the entire plugin??
    Feeling like my new profile picture is nice. Thinking of making it semi-permanent, does any one has an opinion? Does it look too evil or does it work as a public profile picture? :)
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There's 7 main areas in the game that are all connected. This train get's you from an underground lab to the center of someone's subconscious. inside the train you can talk to some of the passengers. but going to the top of it, there's battles.
Speedrunning all character portraits just so they all have the same quality. Not sure if this was a good idea, but now I'm almost done.
We now have a gameplay video!
DrBuni wrote on Akiritas's profile.
That is a cute Link picture, reminds me of the Samurai Jack artstyle.
I had an idea on how to get my encounters to leash after chasing the player for a little bit. After going down the Javascript rabbit hole, I realized I could do it in a regular movement route. Derp!

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