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    TAA_CharacterPoses v1.3.1

    @taaspider Really??!! You just made my entire week!!! There's so many possibilities opened up to me now with the game I'm currently developing. Thank you soooooo much, you're the best!!! :biggrin:
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    TAA_CharacterPoses v1.3.1

    I’m sorry for the late reply! I’m not on here as often as I should be. No worries and no rush! I understand completely. I will find workarounds in the meantime! Thank you again for your amazing plugins!
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    TAA_CharacterPoses v1.3.1

    Outstanding plugin! Thank you so much for making this! :biggrin: Any ETA's on getting it to work with 8 directions? :smile:
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    Starbird's MZ Tiles + More

    @Starbird_Resources As always, love your work! Thanks for sharing! :LZScat:
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    Tonbi's MZ material factory

    @Tonbi Awesome work! Thank you so much for sharing this! :LZScat:
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    RPG Maker MV / MZ Script Call List

    This was posted in 2015?? Why am I just now seeing this?? :kaosigh: Anyway, sorry for necro but this is amazing and just what I needed! Thank you so much! :LZSsmile:
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    Luna Engine MV Devlog

    Wow, this looks amazing. You guys are doing awesome. Don't give up! :LZSsmile:
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    Black Sci-fi-ish Window Skin

    This is stunning! Thank you! :rhappy:
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    Tall Sprites with more emotions/animations

    So I stumbled onto this today, and I'm both amazed and confused. Amazed because your work on this is outstanding. Confused because I'm the first person to leave a comment even though you posted months ago. You definitely deserve more praise and recognition for this than what you've been...

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