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    Got fired from my job because they found someone more "Professional" and "Better" then me so I had more time to work on a tower defense...
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    Long time no update huh... OK well here is a nifty little edition yall! MUST Credit to @CallMeKerrigan , Myself [Gothicvoid], plus...
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    This is folks, this is why you have to put your game in the project forum with a proper description and showcase, so no angry people...
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    Introduction TDDP - PreloadManager lets you preload resources on both map load (in between map transfers) and/or upon starting the game...
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    Orange - Event Hitboxes 1.0 Hudell Introduction This plugin will let you change the size of events, so that they trigger collisions and...
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    Well Blizz did a good thing with Diablo 3 in my opinion, you dont have skill trees but slots where you can mix and match stuff that suit...
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    Hello again! Here's the plugin: TSR_SaveEvent It's really simple to use. Good luck! :rock-right:
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    So, I made a random 'Alert' or 'Security Breach' sound, anyone can have it sense its not part of Sobelo's game: https://tinyurl.com/y5akf9er
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    What if zelda switched from an action game to a turn based rpg from the 3rd temple onwards? What if pokemon switched from a turn based...
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    Dont switch ideas just because you got awed by the next shiny thing, have a base idea and develop it, that same hole you're falling is...
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    There there, you're not the only one, dont worry... (っ´ω`)ノ(╥ω╥)
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    If you want the player to only be able to turn around, you can make the following Parallel Common Event tied to a Switch, then just turn...
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    Its like missing expansions on an MMO! Now you have the same feeling on your game making forums!
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    I swear everytime I leave and come back to this forum I am 100% lost because the Layout changed...I mean oh hey there
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    BK-tdm replied to the thread Preventing player from walking?.
    You can run these 2 scripts to disallow and re-enable movement, the player will be rendered inmobile (no input from mouse or arrows will...

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More: The context is: The hat was too tight to wear originally and modified to suit the head and now I'm trying on it.
--- Difficulty Affect: Price ---

(Very Easy Difficulty)
Merchant: This HP Bottle just cost 5G per item
M.Archer: How much i sell it?
Merchant: It cost 50G per item
M.Archer: Alright,i buy 50
(Very Hard Difficulty)
Merchant: This HP Bottle cost 100G per item
M.Archer: How much i sell it?
Merchant: 5G
M.Archer: (Mouth Bleeding)
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