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    swordsman defense :to show not to use.
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    Didn't know who tf this was at first until I saw the username. I associate everyone not by their names but by their avatar. How dare you...
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    @ZombieKidzRule She'll get you with her sharktooth smile! @TheAM-Dol It's the same character in a different artstyle lmfao.
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    I normally go for the username 1st so its not that big of a deal also i change avatars frequently by season so i must confuse some...
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    Literally just did this, I honestly completely forgot that was a thing I could do :kaoswt:
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    Have you tried a permanent invisible state with mp regen as its effect? No end conditions and either put on your MC at the start of...
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    I have tons of consumables but my approach is to have each lootable item have a map sprite, be it a bottle, a can or a little box...
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    This can be interesting; in my case I like to combine it with searching areas to reward thoroughness. If you put down a pot, why not...
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    Update: the operation was a major success. Triple booting works without a problem and while steam cannot tolerate working on proprietary...
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    When you look for several things for ages and then suddenly find it all at once.
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    Upgraded my avatar to be cuter.
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    I am supposed to be preparing to teach my students this afternoon and tomorrow morning about Refugees, Asylees, and...
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    Making progress on my game :), it may not be huge progress, but I'm still really proud of it. Here is a sketch of a cute cat girl from...
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    Up dated cornrows for MV and MZ! Everything below!
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    Is there a commonality between what functions would be loading them? e.g. they're all skill animations or something?

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I'm really sorry I haven't done any streams. I actually just got home from the hospital after a week and a half.
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Anyway, some pokemon inspired art (dont ask me which one tho xD)
Writing boss music for Pale Coins. This is the Goblin Mage's theme!

I've been trying to upload more video tutorials for RMMZ lately! Does anyone have a topic they'd like to see covered? :ehappy:

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