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  • The only thing i hate about my job is when you put a perfectly aligned UTP cable in the jack and the colors flip ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
    Windows i7
    Windows i7
    RJ45 connectors? You mean putting a cut end onto one of the connectors? If so, I never liked doing that either.
    Making custom artwork for a "fake" load screen, hope is worth the time sink, but im a sucker for drawing my characters (; =ω=)
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    That is the only downside of having custom character designs, is you don't draw them nearly enough. However, that is what special attack cut ins are for. XD
    Persona-eyes cut ins is a nice idea to be honest, my characters are RTP generator based and then edited but i made a hi-res load screen so as to show how the character really looks, thanks for the cut-in idea, now i will sink more time in custom artwork :kaoswt2:
    Well is that time of the year again, time to do some valentine's drawing commissions!
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    The new forum looks more user friendly... I dont like that:kaopride:
    for me i love the old verison better the new one looks kinda ok and decent
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Somehow that granny topic got me... maybe I can come up with some more thematic stuff :3
Going live for tonight's stream! Kytt isn't feeling 100% tonight so the wifestream will be tomorrow and I'll be playing Final Fantasy XIV for this one instead. Twitch
i got bronchitis ; n ;
I've been trying very hard to distance myself from my inspirations, but maybe It would be better just to accept it.
For my 100th post, I wanted to thank this forums community for the generosity and respect that each of you show.

I'm always impressed when I see the 6x veterans (in number of years compared to my presence here on these forums) continue to help and support all the community members on a daily basis, the awesome artists who share their creations with so much passion...

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