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    Battle Encounters - How many is too many ?

    The Game is mostly Puzzle Solving (Nothing fancy just quick Puzzles) and Combat based. Combat plays a major role in the Game, In-fact it makes the Character stronger each Floor, Think of something resembling a typical "Dungeons and Dragons" game. I am trying to find a minimal setting for such a...
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    Battle Encounters - How many is too many ?

    I'm working on a Mini Game which uses Multiple 23 X 20 Maps. The Main Objective of the game would be for the Lone Hero to fight through "x" Floors of the Dungeon to reach the Top where the Game ends after a Boss Battle. The Story and Planning are all in very early Concept Phase. However, since...
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    How to deal with a lot of branching

    Check out Trello, Its a Free Online Organizing program. I use it often to play the Flow of my Game and store Sub-Data within each Step.
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    Time Keeping in non-Earth worlds

    I would love a game with a Night and a Day system any day and maybe 2 kinds of weather - Sunny or Stormy weather. That's it. Something as simple as this can be pretty fun and make the Player feel the world is more interactive, Regardless of the size of the Game. I normally don't like games with...
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    How long does it take to make full game

    Well, The better you know how to use the Engine, The easier it is to organize and develop the Game. So I suggest you get familiar with the Engine first - Play around with it, Download other Games and play them, Learn the Limits of the Engine through Tutorials. This process alone would take...
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    Why Do Some Hate HP and Levels?

    I have no problems with a HP Bar. With Levels, I would say I prefer one where Player earns their Levels, Not simply knockdown a few monster and level up, One example i can think of would be a Japanese Browser game called "Shikihime Garden". In it, Levels are only awarded to you if you do...
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    Need help figuring out a stamp-collecting system and handing out rewards appropriately

    You could just look up an "Image Gallery" Plugin, Like the one by Mog Hunter and pretend the Stamps are simply Enlarged Images.
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    Practical question about character selection

    Sadly, I don't think there is an alternate way to do this, Unless there is a Plugin which lets you assign pre-defined Character Sheets. Its really simple if you keep the wording short, I don't see how this is a problem. Ex : Character 1 with Hair 1 and Costume 1 = C11.. So on. All you need to...
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    Spiked Armor Passive

    Have you tried Victor Engine ? If I remember right, there was a Reflect Plugin.
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    RMMV Game Idea: Posession RPG

    Here are some of my views regarding this Idea : - I don't find the idea of a mere "Ghost" interesting unless this said Ghost is unique compared to others. Give it a special ability that no one else has ? That way you take back point of interest from Regular people back to the Ghost - You can...
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    Help with a skill that inverses the agility stat.

    Can't you just add Agility to Enemies and Decrease Agility to Your Party with Status effects ?
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    Is cheeze actually good for games?

    i can see it make a Game with a "Timed Challenge" feel easy. I don't think i would want to play a game with such a Feature in a Regular RPG. However, I can see how this fits into a Rogue-like where you could just skip levels. Lets say you can unlock a Hidden Door in the Wall that takes you 2...
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    Try listening to some Music for Inspiration and Ideas.

    Try listening to some Music for Inspiration and Ideas.
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    That's just a lame excuse XD

    That's just a lame excuse XD
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    I am a little lost and overwhelmed and could really use some help...

    I would say the best way is to look up and Play Games made by others. You can find plenty of those here in the Forums. You also understand the Limits of what RPG Maker MV can do. The Best ideas are often Inspirations from other Ideas. Here are some Game Ideas i can think of : #1 - Mystery or...

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