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Posted a couple more DEMO videos based on my current experiments. A longer one for my turn-based movement experiments and a super short one for the very early experiments with turn order display and turn indicator. I will post links below for anyone interested in seeing the not very pretty experiments. Progresses!
Since cats love to walk across keyboards...what would an entire RPG where all the text was written by a cat walking across the keyboard look like? Prepare for the adventures of the hero aaaaaaaaasddfghyuyhju878uiop;'[p0ol,m
Had an idea for a new way to calculate damage and work it in a battle system but I had to restrain myself because it would be such a pain in the ass to balance and I just want something DONE not something COMPLEX
shes so skrunkly
Godot's coding language somehow makes my head spin more than Unity's. (No, I'm not switching to Godot, I've just been seeing a few games in that engine.)

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