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  1. Orange Overlay issue

    Hey guys. I hope I'm in the right board. If not, I apologize. I'm using parallax mapping and the Orange Overlay plugin from Hudell. However, I encountered a problem, and I'm sure one of you can help me there. The parts of the map that are above the character, are labelled as...
  2. Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Hey guys, I adjusted my map a bit, and divided the screenshot into seperate parts, constructive critics would be much appreciated! thank you! Thats castle "crowstone", and its located on a mountain, thats why there is also no trench with water...
  3. Game & Map Screenshots 10

    to put it in context: this castle is built on a mountain, so the shape of the wall is like that because of the shape of the mountain. (it was quite late last night when I posted, I forgot to mention that and I didn't edit the cliff shapes yet, as Elissario said.). You're right about the "tall...
  4. Game & Map Screenshots 10

    I finished my first castle-map today. still missing are details like banners, decorations, etc. but i would be interested, what you guys think about the general design of the map, before I go into details. thank you! :)
  5. February Goals and Progress Thread

    My goal for february is: - complete the prologue of episode 1 of my tales. this means including all maps (4 interior maps to go), cutscenes (done already, just need to adjust a few things), NPC's (10 to go), and quests
  6. Hello there!

    Hello everybody! Sorry for this belated introduction from myself! Lets get started... My name's André, I'm from Germany, and a big fan of RPG's of all kind. I started to love RPG's after my first start of Secret of Mana and that only increased with games like Baldurs Gate, or Dragon Age...
  7. Forests

    I hope I post this in the right section... :) Hey guys! I'm wondering, how are you usually handling forests? Do you have it all in one big area or do you create several smaller maps for it? I tend - in my project - to divide the forest, where a big part of the plot happens, into 3-4 sections...
  8. Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Hello guys! I bought MV in January, read up a few things, and thought I share the first draft of my "starting village" in here, and I'd be glad to get some feedback about it. :) Addition: I didn't add any shadows and light effects yet, as I found some more stuff to edit on the parallax map...

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