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    Theo - Multiple POV Inventory System

    Can you combine inventory later?
  2. blade911

    Help!! New party member duplicates and I cant solve this!!

    Give the event with the party member graphic a new page, set the condition to a switch, do not set a graphic for this page. In the cutscenes event turn on the switch you set earlier. If using visustella Events Move Core you could use a self switch instead of a switch and call the self switch...
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    Tile Changer (Copy Tiles and Change Tiles)

    Got it working with FossilMZ project found on the forums, works well so far.
  4. blade911

    Tile Changer (Copy Tiles and Change Tiles)

    Got MZ and I'm looking forward to getting this ported to it :smile:
  5. blade911

    MZ inspired battler

    @Low with the goods as usual, very good work
  6. blade911

    [MZ] Stat Distribution Panel (SDP) System

    quick questions, what are the dependencies for the plugin, can I use it with visustella menu manager and victory aftermath?
  7. blade911

    MZ inspired battler

    Awesome work as usual
  8. blade911

    MZ inspired battler

    Amazing as always :thumbsup-right:
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    OcRam MZ -plugins

    Possible bug, the weather sound effects do not play (rain/storm/blizzard) only the thunder plays apparently. tried it in my current project and blank one, same thing.
  10. blade911

    Framerate issues

    In the database system tab
  11. blade911

    Framerate issues

    I have noticed on my end that when I increase the screen width and height, the framerate takes a hit, from a steady 60fps to something hovering around 40, i have noticed this on multiple computers.
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    OcRam MZ -plugins

    maps marked indoors are still being tinted, tried on a blank project with the same results, is there something I'm missing
  13. blade911

    OcRam MZ -plugins

    Is this a straight port of you mz version, meaning can I use your mv demo as a guide?
  14. blade911

    MZ inspired battler

    Definitely looking forward to more :smile:
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    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    @wrigty12 check this, might help you out.

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