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    Looking for Makeup Generator parts for females and males

    I've searched all over the web and have yet to find one and haven't seen to many people ask for makeup generator parts so if some of you good people can point me in the right direction I'd be so grateful, Thanks!
  2. Bladeboy05

    Avy's MV Stuff

    @Avery Can we get a re-up on some of the images, they're down.
  3. Bladeboy05

    Looking for a special Parallax plugin(multiple maps parallax)

    First I'd like to say thanks for even considering to read my post. Secondly, I remember a very cool "Script" that existed by in RMVX's day, it was script that allowed you to Parallax using multiple maps. For an example, there was a map in which the player would be on, the secondary map you'd...
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    MV Child Generator Parts!

    Where do I place these files?
  5. Bladeboy05

    Does anyone know if they're planning on making a Children's tab?

    The production of my game has been on hiatus for some time dude to the fact that you can not generate children faces on sprites. Does anyone know if they are planning on adding a Tab for children in the character Generator?
  6. Bladeboy05

    Bigger and Better - Granny's Modern Tiles & Sprites for MV

    Thanks GrannyDeb, does anyone know if this are sets for making child faceset? Maybe sets I can contruct in PS?
  7. Bladeboy05

    Change Base Body for Generator

    I need child face parts and children sprites bad...This is really slowing down my game production. lol
  8. Bladeboy05

    Terrax Lighting system

    Well I just want the light source to work with my manual Tinit, if that's possible. i have a room that is already to the Screen tint that I want. I just want a Light source similar to the one found in the Thomas Edison scripts for RPG maker VX Here's a link
  9. Bladeboy05

    When you spent hours and hours making maps and they dont look right

    No problem, browse through here, this is how I used to find inspiration.
  10. Bladeboy05

    Ways to reduce lag?

    What are your computer spec, if you don't mind me asking? Does your computer fight the requirements noted on the website? Here's the webpage where you can look at the requirements. Compare them to yours and see if that's where the problem lies, MV does have higher requirements than Ace. ...
  11. Bladeboy05

    Where is the Resource Manager?

    If you don't mind me asking, what were the "issues"? Also are there any plans on adding something that allows you to make selected colors on png files transparent? It's badly needed...
  12. Bladeboy05

    Terrax Lighting system

    Yeah, thanks for the re-direction, but it doesn't work for. The lines he suggested to change, one of them doesn't exist, so it doesn't work for me. Terrax can you help me, so that I can get rid of the blackness while keeping the light source?
  13. Bladeboy05

    When you spent hours and hours making maps and they dont look right

    You should definitely looks at other games by by RPG maker VX, Ace and even some MV demos for inspiration, then invision what you want. It helped me out a lot when I first got started years ago.
  14. Bladeboy05

    Lighting Script MV

    Hopefully he'll port his script  soon. Thanks Terrax, but I need a plugin that only places lighting effects, and not dimming the map in the process. I like to tint the maps myself... If you could map a plugin that only adds a lighting effect, that would be perfect.

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