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    Stock an Actor Name into a variable

    Double post sorry ! I've got it ! I use this : $$; in my call of my common event and it works perfectly :) . Thank you very much for the help !
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    Stock an Actor Name into a variable

    That's what i tried but it doesn't work, because, for being more precise, i have an event that replace the leader in the party (the hero) by another one in the actor's database. And yes, the player can choose the name of the hero, that's why it's a little tricky ^^. I've tried to use the...
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    Stock an Actor Name into a variable

    I need to change actors because i have a plugin that modify battlers in combat , and i can't use it with only one actor, i need several actors for several battlers.
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    Stock an Actor Name into a variable

    Hello there ! I am developing a game where the hero can change his appearance and class. For that I use an event that switches between each actor to change the hero. But I don't want to change the hero's name, which obviously changes between each actor switch. I tried to store the hero's name...
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    Common event to automatically change a faceset.

    Wow, thanks for your help ! I'm gonna check this as soon as possible ! I've also made my way and i just want to try something in event that could be used without script, i just need to fix some details ^^'
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    Common event to automatically change a faceset.

    Thank you very much for your help! For now, I only managed to make an event that calls an image at the place where the faceet is displayed, but the image is displayed under the dialog box ^^' .
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    Common event to automatically change a faceset.

    Hello there ! I'm doing the event making for my game, and I need a common event that can change the face of my hero automatically according to a variable. As my hero changes shape and therefore never has the same face throughout the adventure, it would be very useful rather than making "if...
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    Don't Fear Coding... you know more than you think.

    I have tried to learn coding with Lua and Löve2D, and i've made some mini-games like breakout, visual novel and even a platformer prototype. However i'm not someone who enjoy coding right now. When i've started to learn about coding i've realized that i was more curious about how the code make...
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    Erika's streaming RPGM games, again!

    Oh nice ! I'm currently developing my own commercial game and that could be useful to know some people who stream rpg maker games ^^, when i'll have some content i'll definitely think of you :)
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    Ways to get monster parts - ideas?

    No problem, hope it will help you for your project :)
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    RMMZ Game concept around: 3 minutes

    Nice concept ^^, maybe you can simply add a jump 3 minutes in the future or 3 minutes in the past, where one minute could be one turn if you play a turn based fight game. For an action rpg game, you just simply put a timer of 3 minutes and when the timer is complete, you can jump back to where...
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    Dungeon Encounters: Infinite vs. Finite number

    I personally think that the best example of encounters i have seen is in the Pokemon license, especially the latest one. Some encounters are visible and avoidable. They are infinite, but there may be a certain amount of time that elapses before a specific pokemon repop. Others are invisible...
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    Ways to get monster parts - ideas?

    You can also make the monsters give you some parts of their own. For example, you can make a ninetails fox having some trouble seducing a female of his species, and he ask you help for that. If you succeed helping him, he'll cut one of his tails and gives to you (since it's a magic the tails...
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    BladeRED is here

    Thank you for the support ^^
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    Does game stealing happen often?

    Stealing an entire game is too risky for someone i think. Because it's easier to report, i think. Stealing ideas and assets, hmm...for the first one i think it's hard to prove someone has stole your idea since you you can't pursue someone for having the same idea as you have. It's more about...

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