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  • Few more weeks of college left. Finals approaching, then graduation. Let's hope writer's block ends by then. Also moved from VX Ace to MV.
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    Everything went fine and you had to end it with that... ;)
    Hi, I was playing the demo when the game crashed due to a missing audio file called "Town25b." I don't know if anyone else is receiving this message, but it has prevented me from continuing the game.
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programming at 12 years old: "I love how it works!"
programming at 18: "I love that it works."
programming at 25: "I love why it works."
programming at 30: "I love when it works."
programming at 50: "How did this work?"
Why can't I insert picture in this profile post? Only insert image -> by URL. No option to upload from my pc?
Trying out a new Battle Ui.
And.... I couldn't help myself. I linked my card game Lore and Concepts back to my RPG Maker game and made them take place in the same universe. I think that means I need to get back to work on my RPG Maker Game. There's obviously a story here my brain wants to tell.
Been hard at work trying to make more tactical aspects of the game a reality, if all goes well the Player, depending on the faction they choose, will;
Suffer little to no penalty for escaping battle.
Be able to manually speed up resource gathering.
Steal Special projects from rival Factions.

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