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  • huh did not realize stairwells were so hard to make work, very proud of myself for figuring out how to make em, and hiding a small goody for my friends if they realize they work like real stairs. thank goodness for variable x and y tracking. Really do need to experiment with it more.
    lol FINALLY figured out galv's layering plugin lol, Im such a dork, but Im glad cause up to this point Ive been cheating using vizustellas region plugin and just tossing the map into the parallax folder with shoddy edits. EVERYTHING gets easier from here... except I still need to get better at sprite work cause I suck at it still and need some larger bot mons lol
    gotta love when an update is forced when yer in the middle of making a map and ya didnt save in a half hour XD least its still in my head..nvrmind lost 2 maps ;-;
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    Sorry to hear that. In the future, you should try to get in the habit of saving pretty much any time you do anything. I probably never go more than a minute without pressing Ctrl + S.
    This can bite you tho i once lost a complete parallax event code that worked and saved the botched alternative method that didnt :kaoangry:
    Nice to meet ya'll, I'm pretty much a complete novice but I've been having a blast on my own with mz. Level up n a few others kept mentioning the forum, just had to come over, to learn more and to hopefully join in the fun I keep hearing about, :)
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I hate it when people instigate fights or conflicts and then use us, the security guards, as shields or as means to resolve their conflicts. Especially since we at times have to be unfair due to our duty of preserving peace.
Fortunately it doesn't happen very often.
The lucky person will get the choco.
Time to continue my game dev journey, for those who want to see how not to use RM. :LZSlol:

This is the second time in less than a week that somebody tells me something doesn't work out of the box, but when I go playtest it... it certainly does!!
I don't have experience with PixelArt, I just made it to have a cool icon for the tool I created, if anyone can give an opinion it would help me a lot:

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