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    And then a 15-year-old kid, bored of school, decides to do a research project, and finds out what the lie is.
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    The police shot someone dead that was on the run just outside my neighborhood, years ago.

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My computer broke yesterday, so no RPG maker for at least a week until I can get it repaired. :(
Just wanted to share how my game won 1st place in a game jam for Everyone else used Unreal, Unity, GMS2, Godot, etc but I used RPG Maker 2003 :guffaw: It just shows that you can create a good game and it doesn't matter which engine you use
if your game is the first (or ONLY) in a series and still has a colon in its title, you are a bad person and I hate you...... jk.

who could ever hate BETWEEN: TWO SOULS?
I want to use a simple animation for a feature of Aletoirs Feast so now I'm touching for the first time the animation system of RM, hope the final result doesn't look too bad hahaha :kaoswt2:

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