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  • Just purchased Nier: Automata. Hope I'm not dissappointed.
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    If you are disappointed, I want you to know that it is you who are wrong, not the game.

    Kidding, kidding :p. (seriously though, great game)
    Knowing you're ill is tough to deal with but actually knowing what's causing it is a big relief. At least now I can do something about it.
    Spent 2hrs playing my game when I was supposed to be cleaning up events. Major fail for tonight. Will try again tomorrow.
    Just worked a 14 hr shift at work and I'm still pumped to stay up til 2am to see my new sprinkler system kick on :)  Life is full of so many dumb little pleasures.
    Fudge Brownies take 2...Success! Now to find guinea pigs to test them on.
    Hollow 1977
    Hollow 1977
    What was take 1 like? XD I remember making a German Chocalate water cake once. I though the recipe said to add 11/3 cups of water instead of 1 1/3 cups.
    Take 1 was a giant chocolate cookie because I used a baking pan that was too large for the amount of brownie batter the recipe created. Had to run out and buy the proper sized pan then it came out perfect :)  

    Completely my fault on that first try though.

    I want to try something using German Chocolate next. That's actually the only kind of chocolate I truly enjoy. This here was strictly because I had never made brownies before but I only ate 1 to make sure it was edible before sharing.
    Hollow 1977
    Hollow 1977
    Sounds Delicious.
    Baking fudge brownies for the first time and hoping they come out edible. The house sure smells good if nothing else comes of it.
    Ooh, good luck. Love brownies. Especially beer ones.
    Brownies are delicious! I'm sure they will turn out wonderfully. I like sea salt ones myself.
    That moment when you realize that your favorite fanfiction author has lost interest in the fandom and moved on to writing in a fandom you don't follow. :-(
    It's hard to blame them though, most fandoms kind of suck. Lots of people forget that "Fan" is a shortening of the word "Fanatic", which is, you know, not a good thing to be.
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I'm trying to make a basic icon for an executable, I made two color variations. If anyone wants to give an opinion, I would be grateful. I'll add borders later to look better on the Desktop.
(The color palette I made just base)
More energy than ever! Let's do this!!
Come join us while I mess with TileD and GIMP for MZ :LZSjoy::LZSjoy::LZSjoy: (starting at 2PM ET)
The dolls are complete Shizukuandyuki.pngyunaandyuka.png what do you guys think of them i worked really hard on them
TFW you finally defeat an obnoxious bug in your project. B)

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