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  1. RMVXA Linus: The Forgotten Days

    Really nice project, glad you are still working on it.
  2. RPG MV Maker on Sale

    For maybe anyone that hasn't made the leap to MV. It's 60% off on steam. Just a heads up. :) All the other editors are also on sale too. edit just picked up the season pass, just wondering did dlc pack 4 ever come out the one with kids generator parts? Can't test it till i get home from work...
  3. RPG Maker MV 1.4.0 Update

    Yay updates. Ill wait a few days before trying it out. tho :P
  4. GDC 2017 free soundeffects

    Can't wait to check this out tomorrow... eek giant treasure trove. Thanks for link
  5. RMMV Bloodlines - Legacy of the lost Dragoon.

    Ha yea Garcia in the demo about is invisible in battle lol. Yea good advice. Good for my wallet too. EDIT: DEMO link updated with a more polished demo.
  6. RMMV Bloodlines - Legacy of the lost Dragoon.

    Good advice and something I have been doing to some degree. Biggest problem will be finding resources and relying on others to do commision work as I can't sprite and I want and will need a lot of orignial graphics. Gonna be expensive but least it's a productive hobby.
  7. RMMV Bloodlines - Legacy of the lost Dragoon.

    Thankyou. It's gonna be a long road as it only a solo part time project but rpg maker is perfect for me.
  8. Bust and dialouge boxes

    Thanks, I'm an idiot. :S
  9. Bust and dialouge boxes

    Hey guys having trouble with putting a bust beside a dialogue box, basically i need the text box to start over more to the right. did it via galvmessagebusts, and had moved text via messagecore but the picture too moved so moved it back. (bust is a placeholder from a older project.) Most...
  10. RMMV Bloodlines - Legacy of the lost Dragoon.

    Hey guys, have had RPG maker now for just under two weeks and was looking some early feedback to make sure I am on the right direction. I began the story a long time ago as I wanted to write a book but turns out I'd rather make a game... So the last 10 days or so, I have spent learning how to...
  11. Best screen size?

    Thanks for all the points guys. I had 1280x720. However 1280 isn't divisible by 48 so ill change that to whatever is close.
  12. Best screen size?

    Just wondering what an ideal if there is any for widescreen size. Ideally I would like down the line for the game to look good on both PC and on phones. If I had to choose one over the other it would be for PC but would be great if there was a size that did both. My pc is linked to my 40inch tv...
  13. RMMV Wonder Language : an educational RPG

    absolutely beautiful. the graphics just jump out at you. so vibrant.
  14. Problem Transfering from room

    sorted the problem. disabled the bindpicturetomap altogether and used Kaus ultimate overlay instead. problem solved. Not only is it easier to use and faster too. But gone too is that initial lag spike I was having.

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Welp, I just finished my favorite part of RPG making which is creating skills, now onto the tasks I like less so the motivation is lower. At least I'll get to create new ones while designing enemies!
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