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  • hello, nice work. i like the spain map u used. i need some just like that. could u give some info please?
    Celianna's World Map Maker, i found it
    Interested in your plugin. May go to a commercial project down the road. Please advise ...
    Please do not use Status Updates to ask Support questions, that is not their purpose. This Member has not been on the site since August. However, if you read their opening post in the thread for that plugin, it gives the terms of service, it specifically states "Free for non-commercial and commercial usage as long as credit is given." Opening posts always say whether they can be used for commercial or not.
    sorry ...
    Hey, i found your plugin ( Term window ) and really appreciate it, and would like to use it for my game, do you allow to use it in commercial project? Mine is not, but may become one depending of how things goes.
    This member hasn't been on since August. However, the first post for this plugin thread says "Free for non-commercial and commercial usage as long as credit is given."
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Working on a case. Get all the evidence to prosecute some bad guys. :kaojoy:
But, the game development schedule delayed. :kaoswt2:
The moral of the story: No good deed goes unpunished... I guess...
Now, hopefully, some certain people will not be stupid enough to leak my name on the reports.
just beat ff7 original for the first time since 2010. having played remake last year, I have a much better appreciation for the original oddly enough. I still like some of the character presentation in remake more, but the original's got a lot going for it.
Ever reach that moment in your life when your juggling a dozen or more projects that you know will never be made but don't have the heart to delete them? Ugh, I hate those moments...
:kaosigh: Why must you hurt me so?
my main character isn't the warrior of light or the chosen one, he's a self righteous, invasive try hard who gets ahead of himself and makes a critical error, resulting in a downward moral spiral that, eventually, leads him to truths that make him a better man, and im DAMN proud of that.

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