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  • hello, nice work. i like the spain map u used. i need some just like that. could u give some info please?
    Celianna's World Map Maker, i found it
    Interested in your plugin. May go to a commercial project down the road. Please advise ...
    Please do not use Status Updates to ask Support questions, that is not their purpose. This Member has not been on the site since August. However, if you read their opening post in the thread for that plugin, it gives the terms of service, it specifically states "Free for non-commercial and commercial usage as long as credit is given." Opening posts always say whether they can be used for commercial or not.
    sorry ...
    Hey, i found your plugin ( Term window ) and really appreciate it, and would like to use it for my game, do you allow to use it in commercial project? Mine is not, but may become one depending of how things goes.
    This member hasn't been on since August. However, the first post for this plugin thread says "Free for non-commercial and commercial usage as long as credit is given."
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I've noticed that the website has changed a lot since I left in August last year...
One of my kitties after a long, tiring day of being adorable.
We have good wifi here now thanks to a guy who had the audacity to tell the Director "Sir, the wifi sucks. Make it faster and increase the bandwidth" in this arrogant tone. The Director is a complete sweetheart so he did just that. So you may see me around often now, being disturbing as usual.
To compensate for me feeling too sick to interact properly, have an old recording of me calming you with Zelda's Lullaby. :kaojoy:
Finally found someone to make battlers for me. Just wants $50 for a small one. And $75 for a big one. So who wants to help me make a GoFundMe page? Scratch that. How much can I get for a kidney on the black market?

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