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    RMVXA Linus: The Forgotten Days

    there’ll be something new soon. :)
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    RMVXA Linus: The Forgotten Days

    Hello! Here are 30 minutes of new gameplay from the upcoming release.
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    RMVXA Linus: The Forgotten Days

    Aw, thanks! Funny thing, actually. My own command of the English language was shaky during that old demo, so there were quite a few grammatical/spelling errors. I've gotten a bit more comfortable with English since then, which has caused the game to balloon into something a lot bigger and...
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    RMVXA Linus: The Forgotten Days

    @gRaViJa Development is still going at a brisk pace! Hoping to release something new at the end of the year. In the meanwhile, here are some new screenshots featuring Leigh, Linus' older half-brother who will have a playable section in the prologue.
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    RMVXA Linus: The Forgotten Days

    Hello again, folks/friends. I figured I'd give a much-needed update on the status of the game and what's changed since the last demo release 4 years ago. A lot has changed in that time, both in the game itself, as well as my perspective on what kind of story I'm aiming to tell. The goal has...
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    RMVXA Linus: The Forgotten Days

    Hello and a merry new year to everyone! Decided to try my hand at some art and drew Linus as an adult. It's not incredible or anything but I figured I'd give it a try! Also, here's a new battle screenshot: ^ This takes place during a flashback sequence in the prologue. It's meant to make...
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    RMVXA Linus: The Forgotten Days

    Wow, how did I miss this post? I know I'm super late but, man, it's great to see you again! If you see this, thanks for the support, and for your help in playtesting the game! Hope AoA is progressing smoothly. :)
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    RMVXA Linus: The Forgotten Days

    They're edited Fire Emblem facesets. Eventually plan on having custom portraits.
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    RMVXA Linus: The Forgotten Days

    Haha, yeah, LINUS is getting up there. I think I started development in... 2010? Or some such?
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    this boy is back in town

    this boy is back in town
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    RMVXA Linus: The Forgotten Days

    Yeah, it's still being worked on! Been busy with work/life so progress has been preeeetty slow but development has is picking up steam again. In fact, here are two new screenshots!
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    Non-Combat Menu

    Oh wow! That was amazingly quick.  It's working splendidly. Thanks so much for helping me out!
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    Non-Combat Menu

    Howdy! Great script you have here! I was wondering if there's any way to allow you to access certain scripts from this menu. In this instance, I'm working with modern algebra's quest journal and I'd like to be able to open it from the menu. Here's a link to the script I'm talking...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    Here's a text-based RPG I'm working on with some other folks. You create a character and depending on the choices you make the game plays out differently (i.e you'll have different relationships with different characters). There are a number of alternate pathways that the story can take...
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    The Amber Throne (Complete)

    Oh man, glad to see you're releasing a playable version. Still the most anticipated RM game for me. Can't wait till a full release!

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