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  1. Official Bug Report

    I have a problem with crackling sounds. While playtesting and soundtesting. Does anyone know something about that? EDIT: Ok, that's weird.   I just went back after writing the above text and the crackling wasn't there anymore. So I double checked and restarted the RPG Maker. And there was it...
  2. Equipment Level Base

    You have to set more than just this notetag. Here is what I have set for my first axe weapon <can level><max level: 100><static level atk: 2><exp curve>if self.level <= 130 * self.levelelse self.level * 30 * (self.level - (0.5 * (self.level-1)))end</exp curve>can level needs to be in the...
  3. Equipment Level Base

    Thank you, now it works as I wished^^
  4. Equipment Level Base

    Now it works. Really appreciate your work. Would it be much work to show Lv 1 behind the Items once picked up? Only if it's not too much trouble :D
  5. Equipment Level Base

    Now I get an error on line 117: unexpected keyword_do, expecting keyword_end (@level.times - 1) do If this takes to much time, you don't need to do it. It's nothing major and I can explain that within my game just fine.
  6. Equipment Level Base

    Have a look at Fomar0153's Equipment Level Up. He uses a Notetag to determine the min_level of an Item. I tried to use it before, but couldn't get it to work with all those scripts I use.
  7. Equipment Level Base

    Hi Selchar I have a small issue with the script. First: No matter what I do, if I pick up the equipment it has no level. But it levels up with even 0exp and gets the atk+4 bonus I set for level up. For those of you who want let's say for each level 100exp more than the level before. Example...

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