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    So do i stop what i am doing and buy this?

    Have a few games in the pipelines on vx ace, should i stop what i am doing and buy this? Is this 'next gen' ? :) might be mixing up engines here hehe, :D
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    pc wiped, lost my game :( found the game on usb! :D wont start :(

    Yeah, a script call was trying to get quest id and another one was trying to change khas's lighting, as they were all 'off' they were calling something that did not exist? all other scripts were off aswell but hadn't bumped into a call of them. well the prob isn't popping up atm  heh nice...
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    pc wiped, lost my game :( found the game on usb! :D wont start :(

    cheers :) Luckily enough a massive interwoven, 15 map, tunnel network was on drop box as i was getting a few friends to test that section,(i had forgotten) it would have been the end if not for that , i have made alot of areas but none went 'that deep' :) .. now i just have to transfer...
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    pc wiped, lost my game :( found the game on usb! :D wont start :(

    i'm going to disable it and do a quick run around to make sure nothing else is causing any other issue first :) thanks for the info :) lol i think ALL my scripts were disabled, can't remember doing that way back when... so used to the green up top didn't bother to check the rest :D was...
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    pc wiped, lost my game :( found the game on usb! :D wont start :(

    cheers, it's eval(script), so i guess a script i had put in has to be screwing it? :) ..looks like it's khas's lighting effects :( i've used it alot in the game :( can any1 tell me what i had to press to 'turn off a script' it's something like control 'S' or something? :D
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    pc wiped, lost my game :( found the game on usb! :D wont start :(

    i was trolling around another rpgmaker forum until i realised i was on the wrong site! :D been a long time since i posted here :) hi all :) so.. my pc crashed and long story short also lost my game, after goin through some old usb sticks i found it! lost only a few maps :) but now every...
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    can't access account as wont verify

    several times i tried to log in, it would seem one of your portals are not working because depending on how i log in depends on if it registers my email or not. Just read a post in regard to that, stating it is from hotmails side, though the different choice in logging in seems to fix it. That...
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    can i get region id to show a picture at region id's location?

    thanks :) looks like that's it :)
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    can i get region id to show a picture at region id's location?

    I want to make walls that disappear so you don't loose all that floor down the bottom so a region id runs along the bottom of the usual boundary and when you touch that region id it tells a second region id to change picture (thinking now you dont need the first. ) just touch the one and make...
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    Last Hit Bonuses

    you could have the summoned creature apply a state when it hits, think if you leave it blank it doesn't show? either way then, in troops: conditional branch: player has death conditional branch: player has summon state : do etc?  :)
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    issues with action patterns

    It states 'Possible when this characters HP has reached a specified percentage of the maximum' Thanks i learnt something there :) Tried and using your suggestions, thanks Mid battle i get the monster to transform and transform back, pretty positive it was a contributing factor, messing up...
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    issues with action patterns

    I've always had a prob dealing with action patterns... long story short: Very simple, i want  my creature to only cast a spell when it is at 50% or less health, how ever even though it has taken no damage, it uses the spell..?  :) so will it use the spell in 'general' along with the rest in...
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    here's what i did to make something similar, i turned the player into a cross hair and i created events with sprite animation and there own random movements. I then told each event that  when the player/cross hair clicks the enter button on the event it 'plays dead' you could slap a variable...
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    dungeon crawler map-block issue

    You could use variables to teleport to a selected variety of tiles? you could also 'lock' that variable after each tile you hit? You could also make 'the same map' a few times and give only a selected path but make the variable choose maps instead? making it look like true randomness? If you...
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    Party question

    when you leave the sound hasn't been told to stop, you need place a fadeout bgs :)

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