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  1. troops in the troop window are showing up very tiny after update.

    here's why i am pissed.... if this update does not affect gameplay in anyway by resizing the enemies to scale. why bother?? Some of us would like to see the enemies in the editor. not just small dots that are so small you literally have to push your nose to the screen to see them. this update to...
  2. troops in the troop window are showing up very tiny after update.

    they better revert it, back to before, do not even attempt this again. this kind of crap makes me uninstall programs fast
  3. troops in the troop window are showing up very tiny after update.

    wow that is stupid.. it makes them hard to see on a 1900 1080 screen. but why are they the normal size in game? why do such a dumb update and penalize us who use a larger scale?
  4. troops in the troop window are showing up very tiny after update.

    loaded my game today only to find out my troops are hard to see for some reason.. no this does not transfer to a new project troops i tested it. I honestly have no idea what could have triggered this to happen.
  5. RPG Maker MZ - v1.3.0 Update + Bugfix 1.3.1

    tell devs to add zoom function back for transfer player event command. this was a feature in vx ace, why remove it?
  6. Tileset refit help.

    Much better thanks a lot :L)
  7. Tileset refit help.

    Thanks :L)
  8. Tileset refit help.

    no go taarna but same result as above photo
  9. Tileset refit help.

  10. Tileset refit help.

    if you scale it to the correct size 786x786 it gets worse
  11. Tileset refit help.

    some if it collides with other portions. i would like it fixed if possible
  12. Tileset refit help.

    I have a tileset i need help getting to not collide when at the correct size for mz. I tried using gimp and it is just to much for me to grasp. if someone could be kind enough to refit the linked tileset so none of it collides that would be great. I think all it needs is some things moved...
  13. [Suggestion/Bug Notice?] "Autochanging" event priority while adding a picture

    I found a bug, no zoom in and out while in the transfer player menu. vx ace has this feature, why not mz?
  14. Thoughts on MZ??

    Its good so far, i moved from vx ace. its missing key elements, like zoom in and out while in the transfer player menu. and the sf chair(forward facing) does not work properly) other then that it is solid.
  15. RPG Maker MZ Tileset Passage Bug

    it also bugs with chairs in sf inside, if set to star and down arrow off(for the one facing forward, you can have it look like a proper chair however you can still walk through/under said chair. i told them via email and they told me this works the way it is supposed to :L(

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