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    Window Frame Anti-Stretch

    That video was super entertaining ^-^ Super useful plugin as well.~
  2. Bogsy

    Spencer Megami Tensei II [Demo Included]

    *Images are rather big as they're old from December development. Some images are not final.* Most of the descriptions of the game is shown in the images below. However just in case here is a very short description...  Spencer Megami Tensei II is a sequel based on members in a group in...
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    Instant Turn Battle

    After updating to this, one of my skills that adds a state to a character with <reAddBattler:1> & 100% Action time doesn't seem to work anymore. It did show one of my party members have 2 actions (since I enabled text # action) but it ended up just moving on to the next character in line...
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    Instant Turn Battle

    Oh wow you work fast, appreciate the work man.~
  5. Bogsy

    Instant Turn Battle

    Thanks, haha. Small project for a fb group.~ Another thing if I can be picky here, can the turn order disappear when the fanfare & battle results comes in? Just a nice cosmetic thing.
  6. Bogsy

    Instant Turn Battle

    Works fine now.~ Sorry again, encountered another issue lol. Defeating enemies still has their icons persist throughout the entire fight. Had 5 enemies, took down 3, but their icons are still active. 
  7. Bogsy

    Instant Turn Battle

    Loving the icons update. Small problem though. If I increase the number of max icons past 11 I get this error. * I have an image sheet of 10column x 10rows in 63x63 pixel image sizes. Not sure if it's because of other plugins I have as well but I just want to check if you get the same...
  8. Bogsy

    Necro Better Text (Add images to text, align text, and more!)

    It's compatible with Yanfly MC? Welp, time to give this a shot. Loving the features it has here. Specially the center text.
  9. Bogsy

    The Hallway-A short atmospheric horror

    So like, I was playing this with headphones on... in the middle of the night since people was sleeping... Heh. Needless to say I was quite shaken up.
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Eek, I feel like an idiot. Didn't turn off Victor's ControlText in the 50+ i turned off, and was the cause of the problem. Ended up putting his Module & ControlText above Message Core and it fixed it. Not sure why it doesn't wrap in newer projects for me but thats the least of my...
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Hey Yanfly, Wordwrap for messagecore isn't working after the 1.2.1 update. I thought it was just my plugins so I fired up a new project and put in Yanfly Core Engine and Message Core (Theyre both up to date)  I made sure Wordwrapping was enabled and even tried putting <WordWrapping> in the...
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    Resoultion makes in-game windows too wide. Is it possible to change?

    Increasing resolution makes the menu windows and the other tabs absurdly huge and stretched. Is it possible to have a fixed width/height size while keeping the game itself a larger resolution? V Thanks.~
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    RPG Maker MV 1.2.0 Update!

    Hey, I came across a problem since updating. Whenever I use an item in battle this comes up; It's usually a random letter .ogg everytime I try it. So I figured I'd turn off the plugins shown there, but...
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    RPG Maker MV 1.2.0 Update!

    Wow I just noticed this update now. I'm loving the dark theme, easier on the eyes while I work on my project!
  15. Bogsy

    Instant Turn Battle

    Nice, it's working after updating. Can't wait to see the turn order fixed up. ^-^

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