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    Yanfly's Equip Battle Skills and Equip Skill Tiers Issue

    @Trihan Dang, forgot that Yanfly made that change. That will definitely make it more difficult to find help. That's the ultimate end goal. But I simply do not see a way to do that. I'll keep combing through the plugin though. @kirbwarrior Thanks for the suggestion. That solution is...
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    Yanfly's Equip Battle Skills and Equip Skill Tiers Issue

    Hello all, I am running into an issue using the two named plugins that I cannot seem to find a solution for. Let's say that I created 4 tiers of skills, and I restricted the 4th tier to only allow one equipped skill. If I were to create an accessory that increases the number of allowed tier 4...
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    Repel For On Map Encounters

    Are you asking for functionality? Or for a solution for a better system? If you're looking for a better system, you could clone the event page, have a switch condition for "Repel in Use" and change the this._chaseRange/this._chaseSpeed to this._fleeRange/this._fleeSpeed to make enemies run away...
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    Script: Checking if an Actor (determined by variable) has a Weapon Equipped

    $$gameVariables.value(44)).equips()[0] && $$gameVariables.value(44)).equips()[0].wtypeId == X Where X = weapon ID and 0 = aligns with the equipment type, also works.
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    Crashes can happen for a variety of reasons related to or unrelated to the program. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS make backups of your project in regular intervals. If a crash happens, and you lose some data, it's not the end of the world. If a crash happens and your entire project corrupts, at least...
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    Looking to create a state that gives a character ATB refills and MPs on kill

    @MaxLionheart Hello, Create a state and put this in the notetag: <Custom Establish Effect> if (!this._killProc && (target.isDead() || target.hp <= 0)) { this._killProc = true; user.gainMp(3); } </Custom Establish Effect> I presently don't know the ATB functions. I would have to...
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    Yanfly weapon unleash: replace the attack depending on a switch

    <Custom Replace Attack> if ($gameSwitches.value(1013) == true) { id = 92; } else { id = 61; } </Custom Replace Attack> Should look like this. Tested and it worked fine. If you have more issues, press F8 to open to console and post your error log.
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    Enemy Drops Upon Defeat

    @EclipseVRP Is this what you're looking for?
  9. boikish

    Custom Effects with YEP's Buffs & States core - Won't Repeat Every Turn

    @thepsyche Have you tried turning it off and testing to determine if that's the issue?
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    Custom Parameter Question for Yanfly Equip Core

    @Solis All parameters have numbers that identify them. 0 - mhp 1 - mmp 2 - atk 3 - def 4 - mat 5 - mdf 6 - agi 7 - luk
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    Custom Effects with YEP's Buffs & States core - Won't Repeat Every Turn

    Worked fine for me in testing. Are you using a specific battle system that may be conflicting with the Turn End Effect?
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    Characters are starting with armor that is not initial armor set

    I had a similar issue with this plugin. Deleting it and reapplying it fixed it for me.
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Using Yanfly suite of plugins, but specifically Buffs and States Core Trying to make it so a critical hit has a chance to apply three different states when the user is affected by a particular state. Here is what I have in the state's notebox: <Custom Establish Effect> var chance =...
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    Yanfly Status Menu Core - Adding a Parameter

    @shockra Thanks for the help! This is perfect!! From here I edited to add the default crit rate and ended up with: case 'chm': this.drawAttributeName('Critical Hit Multiplier', dx, dy, dw); this.drawAttributeRate(1.5+actor.criticalMultiplierBonus(), dx, dy, dw); break; So just to confirm...

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