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    RMMV Yanfly Equip Core - Dynamically Changing Equip Slots

    Thanks for the info. It's good to know, and maybe I can use it to help piece things together. I'm wondering if it would be possible store the equip slots in an array and upon game loading run a common event that applies that. My only concern would be changing equipment before loading forcing...
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    Normal Attack Element = Fire Issue

    The default weapon attack element is always Element ID 1. Sounds like your Fire element is ID 1.
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    Normal Attack Element = Fire Issue

    @DarkPlasmaBall Do you have equipment (unequipped, just existing in your database) that adds the Fire Element to your characters' attacks? If so, go to your game folder > data > and open Actors.json From here, take a look at the line of text that says, "equips":[] Is there anything in the...
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    RMMV Yanfly Equip Core - Dynamically Changing Equip Slots

    I will give that a try and report back. Edit: Unfortunately, I don't think that this works. It appears that defining the equip slots in the Subclass does not carry them over to the primary Class. Subclasses would likely work if all equipments were unique, however, each character can equip two...
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    Chain Commands (quicktime event minigame)

    Hey @mjshi thanks for the plugin. Just want to make you aware that it appears to be incompatible with Irina's performance upgrade. Specifically the "Blur Menu Background" function. Setting it to true causes the following error: TypeError: value.addLoadListener is not a function at...
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    The <Critical Rate/Multiplier Formula> tags are for use in Skills/Items. I'm looking to make the change in a state. It works for addition, but not subtraction, and I'm unsure why.
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    RMMV Yanfly Equip Core - Dynamically Changing Equip Slots

    Hello all, I am using Yanfly's Equip Core plugin ( to assign equipment to my classes: As the game progresses, I have characters change classes to gain access to additional slots: However, I have a few issues with class changing being the solution...
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Working with Yanfly's Critical Control plugin: Having an issue where subtracting a percentage from Critical Multipliers just doesn't seem to work: Switching the `-` to a `+` works perfectly, but I'm looking to lower critical hit damage when a...
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    RMMV Yanfly's Event Chase Player often only plays default alert sound

    I had this issue as well. Best workaround I had was moving the alertSound earlier in the route.
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    RMMV Multiple currencies plugin help.

    You can use Yanfly's More Currencies Extension. But you also require their Shop Menu Core. I use both, and use game variables as an alternative currency.
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    Utilizing Notes to Perform Damage Formulas

    The skill should add a state to the user. Within the state you can modify the parameters to your liking. For example:
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    How to get an actor to step out of character, move and interact

    In the bottom left of the event window, you'll see the following: Set "Through" to on. You can also do this in the move route window:
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    RMMV YEP Event Copier Plugin Command

    Can you not just use the event spawner plugin instead? You would run a conditional branch, and then choose which event to spawn using script calls.
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    RMMV Attempting to add possible item drops to Yanfly Libra skill

    This is pretty tricky because of the way the game stores item drops.... If each enemy only drops a singular item you can do something like the below: var dropId = $dataEnemies[target._enemyId].dropItems[x].dataId; var itemName = $dataItems[dropId].name; text = ('Loot ' + itemName)...
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    Trihan's lunatic notetag workshop (MV)

    @Trihan Appreciate you doing this. Very helpful, and I've learned a fair bit just from reading the thread. Wondering how to make a passive state that increases Critical Hit Damage and Critical Hit Rate by user.killCount()/1000 with a clamp of (0,400). So at most, both params are boosted by 40%...

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