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    Looking for games to LP!

    Thanks so much for playing this, I appreciate the feedback. If only I could have implemented an enemy ATB Bar (the script I was using did not have that feature, didn't know what else to do), that would have made players more comfortable to strategically button mash the Attack command and get rid...
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    Combining tilesets? Like using Outside Tiles and Dungeon Tiles in one map?

    It'd be nice to mix and match tilesets to make more varied maps, but is there a way to just combine everything? I'm aware that I can assign whatever tilesets to the extra D and E slots, but can I go beyond this restriction?
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    You don't have to listen to all critique

    Can't really say much without repeating what you said, which is why it's such a good post. If you're developing your game with the mindset of satisfying someone else's particular needs, you're developing for the wrong reasons.
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    haven't been there in years despite my game being uploaded there. I remember the site having...

    haven't been there in years despite my game being uploaded there. I remember the site having really slow load times
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    Looking for games to LP!

    I would if I could. The files are lost along with my old laptop that was used to create the project, I actually have no way to modify the game. This was made many years ago when I was just learning how to use RPG Maker, so using music packs and such was not important to me. My goal was to make a...
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    Looking for games to LP!

    Ah, well that's unfortunate. Still glad you're taking a look. Looking forward to what you guys think :)
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    こんにちは~ (✿´꒳`)ノ° Hiya!

    My main character is on Gilgamesh, but I also have a character on Valefor in case the NA servers are too busy. I haven't played in many months actually because of other game releases on PS4 and such. Once you make progress on your next game, I'll be sure to check it out :)
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    Looking for games to LP!

    that's fine. I'm assuming you're gonna play with sound on your end, but mute the game's audio when it goes on Youtube, right?
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    こんにちは~ (✿´꒳`)ノ° Hiya!

    Welcome! Would you happen to be talking about the forum for RPGMaker VX? Cuz I know that forum no longer exists, which is unfortunate because some reviews of my game were on there :P Wish you luck on your project. Also, what server are you on in FFXIV?
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    RMMV Tailor Tales

    Wow, I think I remember seeing this on the old RPGMakerVX forum. This has come a long way. Will definitely check this out, there's never enough otome games to play.
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    Of romances and rpg maker

    Unless it's specifically a game with romantic themes, I never plan to add romance initially when designing a game. If romance happens to click while writing a few characters, then it just happens. Otherwise, I don't include romance in my stories. It's kinda like real life. If it happens, it...
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    Looking for games to LP!

    Hey guys, would love for you to check out the very first RPG Maker (VX) game I made several years ago. Game is RTP graphics, with many licensed music tracks and sound effects from other games, so not sure how you'll feel about that. What I can really call my own, is the writing, and the...
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    SPOILER ZONE - Your thoughts on Final Fantasy XV

    It's a serviceable game with a lot of potential, but was poorly put together both in game design and narrative design. It's a mess. The main characters are definitely a fun bunch to be with, but that doesn't save the poor pacing of the overall plot. I beat the game, and never touched it again...
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    What Makes A Good Game?

    For RM games specifically, I look for good writing and value that higher than other aspects. Though of course, engaging gameplay is important. But if your game is story heavy and dialogue heavy, which is safe to assume for most of these games, then I am very critical about the plot, the...
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    Today is Nier: Automata Day. It's a celebration

    Today is Nier: Automata Day. It's a celebration

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