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    • Tired.png
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    Holy Moly BlackJack is Finally finished!
    Don't judge me, I'm not great at the game.
    After so many hours of debugging, losing data to crashes, and slight adjustments.
    BlackJack now deals cards perfectly! Time to adjust the background and implement the game logic so you can actually play it.BlackJack.png
    RPG Maker MZ just crashed, please tell me I didn't just lose 4 hours of progress.
    That file is under 1MB, and it's all text. In your database, most of it will be numbers, between 1 and 4 digits each, so it's going to be much, much smaller.
    Also, Here's this version.
    Still 701kb


    • BlackJack Deal Cards.txt
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    I have finished The Blackjack Minigame, at least for now.
    I figured I should start off with a game this (I think at least)would be easier to program. Demonstrating Card drawing for Black Jack

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    This was only a test to see how the actual animation of drawing a card would look, all 52 cards and other players will be added in later.
    Just finished making a 50x190 map.

    It's not the overworld, just a simple trip from a forest all the way up a mountain.
    Now time to map out a metropolis.
    Finished up with the spell/grammar check (Thank you word for being able to open .json files).
    Also added more trees and rocks and stuff. Just want to add in a few more features then it should be good to upload demo 1 version 2.
    Remember when RPG Maker MV had tools you can buy as DLC from the web store/steam and install them into the engine, MADO, and the other two I'm forgetting about. Imagine if they add back in that capability and add a tool that's a spell/grammar check. I would happily pay $20 for that.
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    My eyes are dumb and it's more difficult than it should be to just spot the differences.
    So uh... did you guys know you could open the map .json in word and word's editor feature will still work.
    You just have to be careful to not change anything like '>;>' that it might detect as bad grammar and that takes care of most of the headaches?
    Make a backup just in case.
    Revamped the opening cutscene, going through the game's script once more to fix spelling issues and some poor/awkward work choice. Once that's done (hopefully by the end of Friday) I will upload Demo 1 version 2.

    There's now a small segment in the prologue that involves a conversation between The Marauder Lord and The King.
    Almost done, just have to do a quick bug check and spell-check.
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    Congrats on making it nearly to the end! I'd almost suggest more than one session of proofreading myself, as I have trouble with it. But otherwise, excellent work!
    Time to rename my account to make it match what it says in my game.
    Out with "TheKenBaum" in with "BoredDudesGames".
    Just have to wait to get it approved by the mods.
    Chapter one Is nearing completion, A showcase demo will (hopefully) be available soon.
    Like; within 24 hours soon.
    There's even a bad ending, which I won't spoil.
    Woah, Ive never heard of your game but 'bad ending' sounds good, I gotta check it out +-+ (if theres demo)
    It's something I've been working on over the past week and a half to take my mind off my awful job.
    Nice! Good luck with your job!
    Added a 4 question questionnaire to my game, depending on how the players answer; will change...

    The experience curve.
    The encounter/rewards curve.
    Main Character stat buff and Debuff.
    I am almost done with Chapter 1 of my game.
    Chapter 1 of around 15... I haven't even gotten to the overworld or the combat yet.
    Couldn't figure out how to have two parallax backgrounds at the same time with one unmoving locked in place and the other moving and scrolling, so I ended up having to do this monstrosity.


    • Outside_D.png
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    Is it me, or do the faces in RPG Maker MZ's character generator look... weird.
    Like; all my attempts look strange.
    Eh, that's what the extended generator is for after all.
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