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  • Decided to rework the tech demo into a game which takes itself more seriously.
    Haven't settled on a name for it yet, but it'll probably be something along the lines of "SAGA: The Legend of the Six Stones"
    So yeah, I made a tech demo like thing which I totally didn't accidently reveal to early.
    It's a short demo with one dungeon and may or may not become a whole game or reworked into a different game.
    I will release it on Friday after I get home from work, I want to go through and make sure there are no big glitches or spelling mistakes.
    Starting over from scratch is quite more difficult than branching off from something already established, you might even be surprised by yourself if you stick with what you've got. Love to see a finished game.
    I guess I should have been more specific.
    Not starting over from scratch but reworking the game so it's more serious in tone. The demo is kind of goofy.
    Oh, I got you. I really like the portal system you have showcased in the video.
    Update to the Bootleg YS Battle system. Butt-stabbing is now a thing.
    If you hit a monsters back, that hit does triple damage and the monster doesn't hit you; however the monster will immediately turn to face you. Also, figured out how to make Bombs, Sling-shot, a Hammer, and a Saw if you didn't see my previous video. Also made Teleportation circles and a warp whistle.
    Some neat things I made.
    Shown to you in the form of an awful Windows Movie Maker Video.
    Only thing I'd say is slow down the attack animations a bit. I can hardly discern what's happening.
    Thanks for the input. I slowed down the attacks, not only did it make it hard to discern what was going on but it caused fights to be to short, which meant it gave players not enough time to react by stepping away or healing, causing game overs.
    I have returned yet again. No reason for my hiatus; just got distracted by video games and stuff. I figured out how to make a bootleg Ys 1 Battle system using in engine scripting (The only plugin enabled is the HUD thing).
    Unfortunately I have no idea how to program but-stabbing as a crit without it being even more complicated to program so this is it.

    Sorry for the short hiatus, I have returned from my local behavioral health center after having a particularly bad breakdown. I thankfully got the help I needed and some medicine to help make me feel better.
    Mapping for Alberest is finally done. Now to populate it, make quests, and continue the story.
    For a full-res image, click the link down below.

    Full Resolution Image


    • Map018.png
      1.2 MB · Views: 7
    Looks quite nice! I just got done with half of a town i'm currently making.
    Just need to put some finishing touches and continue my work!
    Update on Alberest so far. Added a couple of buildings and a swimming pool.
    Also, I figured out how to export full res map images; however, the file size is too big to upload so just follow this link or settle with low res version.

    Full Resolution Image


    • Map018.png
      1.1 MB · Views: 11
    After Numerous bug discoveries and my eyes being too lazy/dumb to spot errors in my gigantic wall of code; I regret to inform you that Black-Jack will be cut from Crimson Skies, but fret not; it will be replaced.
    Hopefully, a strategic non-lethal Russian-Roulette card game will be fun.
    Alberest so far, got a lot done but still ALOT left to do.
    Wish I had a better means of taking screenshots...
    Map is 148x98


    • Alberest So Far.png
      Alberest So Far.png
      663.7 KB · Views: 12
    Decided to start watching Naruto; and not only is it a genuinely good series, but it's also very inspiring.
    I just wish Funimation got its act together and fix the missing dubbed episodes.
    I had to get into subbed anime when I was younger, because Naruto was releasing in Japanese first.

    Now I can't go back to dubbed
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Partitito's story is supposed to be about defeating poverty while thinking he is a capitalist with socialist ideas. But it's really about stories of redemption and perseverance.
Who would have thought an idea like "I wanna put the character bio in the equip screen" would turn into a bunch of work and fun collaboration @Puppet Knight . Now my Equip/Character screen is the way I want it.
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Just one more week of grinding through semester finals and I'll be able to actually work on some games and stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to work on my game document to actually have my ideas somewhere outside of my cranium of madness.
With Day 4 of my advent calendar posted, it's time for y'all to choose what Day 5 will be!

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