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    VN Maker - game slowdowns and performance optimizations

    I might be misunderstanding the first point, can you please elaborate on it? Our project (the demo is a straightforward VN with no fancy mechanics, just a sequence of 13 scenes) is based of the Action UI and practically none of the events there are set as "inline". However, mostly everything is...
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    VN Maker - game slowdowns and performance optimizations

    We just released a roughly one-and-a-half hour long demo of the VN we've been working, and tons of feedback started pouring in. Unfortunately, a lot said feedback is concerning the demo slowing down and not running that great (and some is about the occasional broken save game), which is...
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    Confirtmation prompts don't wotk?

    So, we pretty much locked the demo and are about to release it in the next day or two, so I tried the BETA version to see how that would behave. The good news is, with the BETA branch the confirmation prompts work beautifully. The bad news is, now every time I try to load a game I get a black...
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    Set custom game icon and name of executable

    Description of the Feature: Being able to set the name of the executable for your project from within VNMaker Being able to set the icon for the exe in the created game package (at the moment there is no way to do that, you are stuck with the default) Mockups: Why is this feature good...
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    Confirtmation prompts don't wotk?

    I haven't tried as we try to stay away from the BETAs. We have multiple people working on the project so the least version changes the better, but if a new official version doesn't come before our scheduled demo release we'll have to go for the BETA, sure.
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    Play Testing overwrites icon.png

    Can confirm this is still the case. One workaround is to go to your VNMaker installation folder and replace the instances of the icon there (in the OfflinePlayer and template folders, if you are using any of those) Edit: while this will change the icon.png in the "build" folder, the "game"...
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    Confirtmation prompts don't wotk?

    Hey guys. If it's OK to ask, how is the "stable" release for this looking?
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    Main menu highlight sounds

    Assuming you are just using an image map -> double-click a hotspot -> you can assign both there.
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    Mass replacing character expression transition speed

    Say I have a ton of character expression transitions set for 250ms, across multiple scenes, and I'd like to slow down or speed up all of them. Where and how is that data stored? Usually I'd just run a search for 250 through all files in the game folder with Dreamweaver, that's how I've been...
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    Getting Messages mixed

    There's a "Clear Message" you can use for that, yes.
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    Loading preferences...

    I have no idea how to implement something like that, but a load progress indicator or even just an icon that pops first before the other assets would help assure the user that the game has not crashed/frozen.
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    Weird z-index character name bug

    Thanks Archeia. I had no idea that sort of doubling was happening. I reduced the message box to 600 and it seems to be working properly now. Is there anything else in the game UI that gets doubled without that it being noted? I only touched position, font style, and included the match...
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    Confirtmation prompts don't wotk?

    I'm very happy to hear a fix for this is coming. I technically need it by the 5th of April, I don't know how that fits with your update schedule.
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    Displaying Savegame Date and Scene in Action-UI?

    In default scrip template UI, you can see the chapter name and date under each save you make. Has anyone tried implementing something similar for the Action-UI? How would you go about using the scene name instead?
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    Weird z-index character name bug

    Then I start a new game or load a save, the character name (z-Order 2000) is displayed below the message box (z-Order 1000) image... it gets hidden. When the story progresses and a new scene is loaded, the character name displays properly above the message box and is visible... as it should...

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