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    What's your favorite pixel art tool?

    Photoshop! Except there is the animation sprites or something like that ,I would take Piskel (Online tools),cuz I don't do sprites much.
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    MV Sprite+

    Big thanks. I'll be using your sprites as my base. Thumbs Up for Candacis!  ;)
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    Anyone else having random crashes?

    Mine is running properly.How can it crash? What did it say right after the crash (stop working , etc). If you are AFK, is It still crashes?  Try verify integrity of application cache (Go to Library > Software > RPG Maker MV > rightclick and select properties > Local Files >  verify integrity...
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    Organize Options Menu Plugin v1.02b

    Yep. works fine now. but the people who doesn't install the fullscreen plugin may get that issue though. And one more thing : To make Yanfly keyboard config plugin(other yanfly plugin maybe?) works correctly, this plugin needs to be arranged upper of Yanfly keyboard config plugin.
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    Organize Options Menu Plugin v1.02b

    Always dash Command Remember Fullscreen(from SRD) and 4 volume options ,After disable the fullscreen plugin It's still there
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    Orange Mapshot

    Everything to do with parallax mapping is a lot easier. Thank you! 
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    Organize Options Menu Plugin v1.02b

    Nice ! I'll give it a try. Thanks :D edit 1 : Seems like I've had a problem with the Graphics option. Not sure if it's because of the other of my plugin or this plugin itself. It said "TypeError : Cannot read property 'symbol' of undefined   ,everything seems to be fine. Hope this helps :D

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Yesterday I discovered that I can copy/paste multiple commands by holding shift. I tried this when I started developing holding ctrl and when it didn't work I just copied every single command one by one. For two years.

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