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  • Burned out at the moment. Right now I'm going through all of the houses and shops and remapping them with stock tiles. Decided to call it a day and take a break for a bit, maybe play some of the completed games on here for inspiration.
    When I sit down at my desk and start working on my game for the day I more often than not have a pretty high standard of what I want to get done before I stop for the night. I decided not to take summer courses this year, and I work during the day, so most of my evenings are free for project development. Just recently I've decided to really buckle down and pour myself into the game I'm working on, every spare hour I have being directed solely to the project. So even though I feel like I've accomplished a lot so far, when I take a step back and look at everything I have done it feels like I've barely even started. We were about two hours of game-play in when we stopped and said "Ya know, let's ditch custom sprites and our busts and just go with stock items for our first game." and if I could send a message through time back to me and companion I'd say:


    Because mapping, sucks. As does going back through hundreds of lines of dialogue and editing out codes so that only names appear. Is it hard to remove a few a few letters here and there, or replace tiles on maps? No, it isn't hard at all. What it is though is time consuming. that goes double when you are doing it all alone, and I'm not knocking my partner or her ability to do this stuff. Not in the slightest. She's just busy and I volunteered for it anyway.

    The reason for this whole rant is this, and then I'll shut up for the night. I've spent about a week putting at least ten hours a day in on editing out dialogue and maps, and today I buckled down and said let's just do a quick play through of what we have done. Only around twenty minutes of game-play, without doing anything optional that is like exploring, is completely edited and ready for play.

    Pray for me fellow developers. For tonight I shall not rest until at least half of what we had is finished again!
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    If you're changing the same thing on all dialogues, it could probably be done with a "search and replace" on the map files.
    We're going back through the code and replacing character busts with names in a name box using Yanfly's message system.
    Hmm, a little more complicated, but it may still be possible to do the changes automatically
    Trying to acclimate to spriting and the RPGM systems after such a long hiatus has -NOT- been an easy feat, but fun nonetheless!
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Finished that egg-sitting mini-game I mentioned here a couple weeks back. Now to fix the weather system so it doesn't rain indoors while you're playing it. >.> A simple fix in itself; leave it to me to take it as an excuse to completely revamp the time/weather/lighting system from scratch.
I'm really tempting to pre order cyberpunk 2077... should I do it or not :/ I really want to play the game but don't want to take a big hit to my saving because of it
So I need to come up with quite a few action sequences.
Was stressing about this plugin earlier, but pretty happy with how its looking now! Purple makes it pop more too!! :)

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